Theories of motivation

There are many theories of motivation, Fredrick Taylors “scientific management “ is a theory that is based on four principles; develop a scientific approach to each part of an employees job, scientifically select train teach and develop your employees, encourage cooperation to make all employees jobs easier, divide work task appropriately to who is better suited for the job. Then there is the Hawthorne theory that is a phenomenon that if employees feel better when they believe the company cares about their well being. Then there is Madison hierarchy of needs a motivation theory that humans have five levels and act to meet their needs. These are just some of the many theories out there. For my business I would apply the Hawthorne theory. The way I see it is that labor boards and previous companies already did all the hard work. They accomplished working hours, labor tasks, and regulations. So I believe that this is the time to take care of your employees. We have come to a point in time when it is hard to keep employees interested; they not only want your money they also want to be happy meanwhile they are at work. This main reason I believe is due to the amount of time people spend in the work place. Most people spend more time at work than with their own families.

These are the guidelines by which supervisory staff and the owner will abide by to select those who are entitled to a reward. Employees must have been working for a minimum of six months and have no less than two absences to become eligible. Flex time must be approved by the work scheduling secretary. Hours used for flex time must be during business hours and in the business week. Job sharing must be approved by the scheduling secretary to ensue that there are no misunderstandings. A violation of these guidelines is a reason for termination of these rewards. If terminated the employees must wait one year before they can become eligible for rewards again. My work secretary will have a detailed list of those who qualify through the automated computer system that checks attendance. The employees will be selected by supervising staff and the owner.

The type of rewards is listed below and if eligible the employee may chose from the following. Job sharing entitles you the employee to split your tasks, responsibilities, and work hours of one forty hour work week. Educational and training entitles employees to reap the benefits of knowledge and training. This entitles the employees to get the qualifications they may need to get that job they have been wanting. Flex time allows you the employees to make your own schedule whether it may be more work hours one day or a half day another. This allows employees to decide their own hours upon approval. Employee empowerment is known as involvement or participative. Employees handle delegating new products, input on what is happening, and decision making.

Since the majority of employees spend the majority of their time at work, it is only fair that employer's help make the most of their time. No you don't need entertain them. As the employer you need to make them feel like people, not goods or products that you own. In doing this you gain respect from your employees and helps motivate them to do more for you. This works because it separates you from other employers. Employees can be very giving and rewarding to even the simplest of gestures. As an employer by addressing some of your employees by name is rewarding, they feel a sense of accomplishment. Employees believe that they are ding something right if boss knows their name. A non monetary reward can be applied by the boss.

Thanks to these various theories I can apply the theory I believe is best for myself as a business owner and my future employees. The Hawthorne theory was best suited for my gallery business. This theory agrees with me and my style, I believe it will be of some help. In my business their must be a lot of communication and peace among the work environment. If my workers must spend the majority of their time at my establishment I need to be more caring for my workers. These are my methods of motivation and their rewards job sharing, flex time, and training. Recognition will be a big part of my employee's daily routines. Empowerment will help all those who work for me, supervisors and employees. This is for dedicated employees who will assist in making decisions. I am confident that these methods will help motivate and retain my employees. They are all very appealing and for different personality types. I believe it is time to appreciate those who work for you.

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