Civil Jurisdiction Table

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Small claims up to £ 3,000

Any action less than £ 25,000 unless transferred to the High Court

Personal injury cases under £ 50,000 law

Equity matters up to £ 30,000

Probate proceedings less than £ 30,000

Any action over £ 50,000 unless transferred to the county court under High Court and County Courts Jurisdiction Order 1991

Cases in contract and tort between £ 25-50,000 could be heard in either court depending on the criteria in Article 7(5) of the 1991 Order:

  • Financial value of the action county court
  • Importance of the action
  • Complexity of the case
  • Whether transfer of the case will lead to a more speedy trial.

Note the Practice Direction of 1991 issued by the Court of Appeal: some cases not suitable for transfer to the county court: professional negligence; fatal accidents; fraud or undue influence; defamation; malicious prosecution or false imprisonment; and claims against the police



Small Claims Track cases up to £ 5,000

Fast Track cases worth up to £ 15,000

Multi-Track cases over £ 15,000


civil jurisdiction table

Claims more than £ 15,000 (Multi-Track cases)

Personal injury cases over £ 50,000

Note Practice Direction 29:

Cases less than £ 50,000 will be transferred to a CC unless:

Required by legislation to be tried in the HC;

It falls within a specialist list (CPR Part 49 ie, admiralty proceedings, arbitration proceedings, commercial actions, Patents Court business, Technology and Construction Court business, proceedings under Companies Acts, and contentious probate proceedings);

It falls within para 2.6 (see Practice Direction 1991, above) or Article 7(5)

Note Civil Procedure Rules Part 30:

HC may transfer a case over £ 50,000 to the CC