Free 2.1 Law Dissertations (Masters Level)

Law Teacher provides you with four free 2.1 masters level dissertations to help you write your own law dissertation! Use them to get a feel for the 2.1 dissertation style, or to find books, journals, cases and quotes selected by our experts.

Free 2:1 Law Dissertations:

Electronic Signatures - Free Dissertation

The electronic signature regulations in the UK are expected to provide a framework which will increase the use of electronic signatures and ensure the installation of practical electronic certification systems. However, given the speed at which technological improvements and solutions evolve, the UK legislation will have to follow such developments closely, with a view to keeping the relevant codes and ordinances up to date. Is the legal framework that has been developed in the UK to regulate electronic signature a positive development?

Excerpt: 'Another fault of the UK legislation is that it has not specifically stated that the use of Electronic Signatures is akin to use of handwritten signatures, this is of course a feature of the European legislation.  Nevertheless, the existence of such an "advanced electronic signature" would likely be given great weight by a court.'  9000 words

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Employees Right To Strike - Free Dissertation

International standards impacted the UK's legislative protection of the employee's individual right to strike - critically discuss this in light of the changing UK legislative policy (note the ERel Act 2004 & the preceding government papers)

Excerpt: 'The Human Rights Act 1998 does little to improve the position for employees in the UK as it does not furnish the worker with a general right to strike.  This was the clear conclusion that was reached by the court in the Schmidt and Dahlstrom v Sweden.  This case concerned collective bargaining practices in Sweden. ' 15000 words

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Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme - Free Dissertation

Fixed or Floating? The Future for Small Companies [...] - Should the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme be improved and extended to improve financing opportunities for companies with few fixed assets?

Excerpt: 'The future for small companies is very much at the centre of the UK Government's agenda however serious thought has to go into the detail of the legal provisions that cover this area otherwise the future of small companies will be impaired, we already lag other countries in start-ups and entrepreneurialism and whilst the law is only a tool that can facilitate these things it is imperative that we have the most logically consistent and socially helpful system possible.' 12000 words

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Employment Law - Free Dissertation

Impact on The Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2004 on claims presented to Employment Tribunals affecting Tribunals, the Higher Courts, Respondents, Claimants and the Representatives of Respondents and Claimants.

Excerpt: 'In conclusion it does not seem odd that the claimants are given such extensive rights under the Employment Act 2002 (dispute resolution) Regulations 2004, as after all, part of the rationale of the reforms was to promote an individual rights agenda, and to do this it is of course therefore necessary to extend the rights of individual claimants, and also to develop a procedure which will allow such individual claimants to realize those rights in an easy and practicable way'. 15000 words

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