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Australia joins EU carbon emissions market (29/08/12)

There are plans in Australia to link its carbon trading scheme with the EU's to allow firms with European permits to emit carbon dioxide. This is due to happen by 2015 and is a major step in helping to reduce greenhouse gases globally.

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Legal Aid to be cut by £350m by 2015 (01/02/11)

A proposed change to the cut in legal aid could be in force by 2015. The aim is to reduce the number of cases going to court by removing the funding from certain cases that are quite possible deemed not suitable for legal aid.

Many people that require legal aid but are rejected could find themselves in serious financial ruin as what they have always been entitled to, will now be taken from them.

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Universities' budgets to be cut by 6% (21/12/10)

As English universities are set to make a little more money from increased tuition fees, they will also be losing some as their teaching budget goes down to £4.6bn from £4.9bn. This is considered a kick in the teeth for students as they will be paying more for a lesser service!

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93 Magistrates' courts may close! (16/12/10)

In another round of cost cutting around the UK, we could see up to 93 Magistrates' courts and 49 County courts closed in a move that would save £60m by 2014. The aim is to make the justice system more efficient but I imagine it will just make those still employed work twice as hard!

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