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  • Company Law Cases
    Including insurance law cases, order for costs law cases, insolvency law cases and many, many more!

  • Contract Law Cases
    Including exclusion clauses, formation of contract law cases, and negligence of the customer law cases.

  • Criminal Law Cases
    Negligence law cases, libel and slander law cases, evidence and procedure cases, and many more!

  • Employment Law Cases
    Contract of employment law cases, termination of employment and many more employment law cases!

  • Equity Law Cases
    Management of trust property law cases, rights and remedies cases, equitable doctrines affecting property and may more law cases!

  • Human Rights Law Cases
    The most popular human rights law cases: including right of life, freedom of movement and lawful assembly.

  • Medical Law Cases
    The most popular medical law cases: including medical negligence, conscientious objection, and medical law.

  • Immigration Law Cases
    Third section covers the most popular immigration law cases. These include: illegal immigrant and migration of the European Union State citizen within EU country.