Tips for law students

Studying law is perhaps one of the most challenging areas that a student can embark on at university. This is so because law is a vast area with development on a regular basis. A few tips for law students during their studies will include being consistent with studies; doing proper research as required in tutorials; and ensuring that one goes through all the reading materials as prescribed by the tutor.

It is important for students to be familiar with statutes and cases as the English legal system is based on legislation and case law. Whilst studying a particularly area of the law, it would be desirable for the student to keep pace with developments in the area so that he can be updated with any changes that can happen with the law. It is crucial for law students to be consistent throughout the academic year in their studies. This would mean that students will be required to revise topics that have already been covered on a regular basis and at the same time keeping pace with new topics that are being taught.

Research plays a fundamental role during studies. This enables students to thoroughly study an area that is of interest. A tip for law students will be to be well acquainted with electronic sources of law. Research through electronic databases is, nowadays, the most popular way to doing research. This will include law databases such as Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. Using those electronic databases will be the starting point for law students as they could get an array of literature on vast areas of law. However, another tip for law students would be to ensure that they know how to make proper research using paper sources of law. Therefore, students should also be acquainted as to the way in which they could carry out research in libraries using paper sources such as Halsbury's Laws of England and Halsbury's Statutes.

As the academic year progresses, students usually develop an interest in some areas of law. For example, if someone is more inclined to specialise in criminal law or finds criminal law as the most fascinating area of law, he should try and choose subjects such as criminology, criminal litigation and other criminal law related subjects in the following year of studies A tip to law students will be to identify at an early stage which area of the law interest them the most.

Time Managment

Another tip to law students will be to learn time management. Studying a number of different subjects at the same time with the volume of information that would be available is no easy task. Hence, students will be advised to draw up a plan to ensure that they can divide their available time equitably amongst the different subjects they are studying.

Prior to joining university to study law, a tip for law students will be to talk to current or past law students to get an idea as to the different areas of law that are normally offered. This will provide students with a flavour of the different areas of law that they believe they would like to study. Knowing the areas of law which students would like to study and probably specialise in could be important in the choice of universities that students make. On the other hand, certain students already have a personal interest in the areas of law that they are more inclined to study. As a result, students who would like to become corporate lawyers might well choose a university which specialises in corporate law and offers appropriate subjects such as commercial law, company law, or tax.

There are a number of universities across the United Kingdom. But it is the dream of all law students to study law at the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford. These two universities are the most prestigious in England which attract the brightest of students around the world. Lawyers who have studied at Oxbridge (a terminology used for graduates of Oxford and Cambridge) are always sought after in the market place. The departments of law of Cambridge and Oxford are well known worldwide with regards to the most popular areas of law such as corporate and commercial law, criminal law, and family law. However, it is a reality that not all students will be admitted at Cambridge and Oxford. There are other very well known universities with a five star department of law. A tip for law students would be to send emails to a number of universities that they have shortlisted a year prior to joining university. This will enable them to know for sure which subjects are offered and the entry requirements. Another tip to law students will be to go and visit a few universities that have been shortlisted so that students can see the environment for themselves and talk to members of the staff. As a matter of fact, most universities have open days on which days students are given a guided tour of the university. In London, a number of universities are well known to have high quality departments of law. This will include, amongst others, the London School of Economics, University College London, Queen Mary University of London, and Kings College London. Other good places to study law outside London will include the University of Nottingham, Warwick University, University of Manchester, and University of Birmingham.

During the application process, a tip for law students will be to shortlist some universities which they would like to attend for some personal reasons. The next step would be to get in touch with those universities and start by asking a copy of their prospectus. Students with specific queries may contact the departments of law of the universities which they have shortlisted. Having all the necessary information at hand will allow students to make a better decision in joining a university that meets one's requirements.

Finally, students will be advised to study with pleasure as the university is a nice place to promote one's intellectual accolades but also to make friends and acquaintances.