Our Order Process

To place your order with Law Teacher, simply follow the step by step process below. It will detail everything from placing your order to retrieving it when it's complete.

Step by step order guide:

  1. Place your order

    To order your custom essay, dissertation or other piece of law work.

    Place an order

  2. Make Payment

    Before the order can commence, you will need to make payment. This can be done over the phone on 0115 966 7966 or via your secure online control panel

    Access your cusomer account

  3. We'll find you an expert writer

    We'll find you an expert writer for your specialised subject. Once we've found one, we'll email or call you to let you know.

  4. Your specialised writer commences work

    Your specialised writer will commence work and have it ready for the date that you specified with your order.

  5. Your work is checked for quality and plagiarism

    Your work is checked for quality and plagiarism to ensure that our high standards are always met.

  6. Your work is released

    Your work is released into your online control panel before midnight on your chosen date. If you need any amendments, let us know within 7 days and we'll have them back to you within 24 hours.

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Get your questions answered:

Is this service secure?

We understand that potential customers may have reservations about using an essay writing service. So, Law Teacher has certain procedures in place which will reassure any visitors with doubts in their mind

How much does it cost for a custom essay?

The price for a custom essay varies depending on the amount of words required, turn around time and the overall grade that you are hoping to achieve from it.

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Is ordering a custom essay cheating?

We suggest that law students use our law essays as a model answer. Once you receive your essay, read through it more than once to get a feel for the structure. Note important concepts that the researcher has written about, and look for interesting arguments or facts you did not learn from studying.