Commercial Law Dissertation Title Examples

We have collated for you some commercial law dissertation title examples that should hopefully get your creative juices flowing. We hope that the following will be of some use to you. These titles should focus around international law governing the settlement of foreign investment disput

Example Commercial Law Titles

In FOB and CIF contracts it is necessary to transport goods by sea or can they be transferred in another way, for example air or land?

Passage of risk in an fob contract: Its implications on the buyer.

When does risk exactly pass in an fob and what effect does it have on the buyer?

What are the different theories regarding passage of risk?

Should the point of passage be left the way it

The Use of Force Majeure in an economic downturn.

The role of 'United Nations Conventions Against Transnational Organised Crime' and 'Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism', in the fight against money laundering.

Physical asset protection and the associated liabilities of the company directors.

Statement of research objectives: To ascertain liabilities which may arise when a company director authorises protection of a company asset and the possible outcomes

Fraud exception under letters of credit; a comparative study between UCC, UCP600 and English Law

Has the regulation of information provision in the Financial Industry by the Financial Services Authority been adequate to date? If not, did any failures it had have a role to play in the global recession?

Topic Vienna Convention (CISG).. Advantages and Disadvantages of India Ratifying CISG- Discuss with US, NAFTA,China Free Trade Agreement, UK etc

The subject about the English commercial arbitration no. 1996

The applicable law , and how to appointment it during the arbitration to find the right jurisdiction relating to the English arbitration law 1996

The client would like a topic for their dissertation which is about the EU banking Law and and the topic should be about the free movement of goods. The client was thinking about the quantitative restrictions

Comparative study of the principles of Takaful insurance and Commercial insurance: Saudi Arabia as a case study.