Criminal Law Dissertation Title Examples

We have collated for you some criminal law dissertation title examples that should hopefully get your creative juices flowing. We hope that the following examples will give you some food for thought.

Example Criminal Law Titles

Enigma on the admissibility of electronic evidence in corruption cases in Tanzania.

Expert Evidence - a matter for judge or jury?

Both the requirements that I have attached be

Anti-social behaviour orders, do they prevent anti-social behaviour?

The Art of War is one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy. Sun Tzu suggested the importance of positioning in strategy and that position is affected both by objective conditions in the physical environment and the subjective opini

A critical discussion on homicide reform; the Law Commissioners reports, principles and proposals.

How may excessive use of new UK stripclub legislation effect the lives of female workers (strippers).

Which is to provide certainty and not have it get out of hand. Of course, it should be administered justly and only then can it serve its proper purpose. However, after examining both sides, whichever argument is stronger, it shall prevail.

The criminal liability and punishment of corporations in the UK.

To What Extent Can It Be Said That People Who Suffer From Personality Disorders And Mental Health Issues Are More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes?

The law on gross negligence manslaughter is insufficiently clear.

Comparative study of money laundering legislation in United Kingdom and United States of America.

Corporate crime relating to subscription in company shares during the Phase of Incorporation of company, and their sanctions under Companies Law 1965 of Saudi Arabia

It has to be a critical analysis based on the provisions of Companies Law 1965 in Saudi

Legal sceptic approach on current ENGLAND and WALES legislation governing acts related to prostitution ie. Prohibition on pimping

To What Extent Can It Be Said That People Who Suffer From Personality Disorders And Mental Health Issues Are More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes?

Replacing a number of defences with a single defence, that is the defence of lack of responsibility.

The defences of provocation, diminished responsibility, debates around battered wifes syndrome and insanity should be replaced

Anti-Social behaviour orders, Do they prevent Anti-social behaviour?

The Efforts of Saudi Arabia to Combat Money Laundering: A Legal study in international context.

The correlation between the different forms of punishment theories and the percentage of reoffenders for each theory?.

What should be the criteria under English law to hold companies criminally liable for corporate crime?

A critical analysis of the Law Commission's proposals on Murder, Manslaughter, and Infanticide (Report No 304), and the coherence of the suggested reforms

To what extent could the media be held criminally responsible for the crimes of genocide under international criminal law?

Police practices of stop and search are discriminatory against ethnic minorities

Compare and contrast between UK law and Islamic law on victim of crime compensation.

Corporate crime and failure to prosecute

How the criminal justice system can be reformed