European Law Dissertation Title Examples

We have collated for you some European Law dissertation title examples that should hopefully get your creative juices flowing. We hope that the following examples will give you some food for thought.

Example European Law Titles

The importance of double jeopardy in criminal proceedings according to the European law and The Schengen Agreement Article 54-58

The Development of the rights of EU migrant workers in the UK: Is the treatment of their family members still discriminatory?

Supremacy of EU law vs Sovereignty of the Parliament?

Discretion granted to national courts in the procedure for preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU threatens the uniformity and consistency.

Has the EU law been successful in enforcing the effective competition policy enshrined in the EC Treaty for the Community with regard to Article 82 of the EC Treaty?

The Directive on electronic commerce - the slow growth of the cross border e-commerce and how should the revised e-commerce Directive reduce or eliminate barriers to cross-border e-commerce

Evaluate the extent to which the powers which the European Commission has to enforce EU competition law are appropriate.

Pulling out of Europe is easier said than done

Critical assessment of the possible implication of UK withdrawing from the European Union

The free movement of healthcare professionals under EU Law, a critical analysis: Rethinking Accountability and Regulation in English Law

The treaty of Lisbon and its implications.