International Law Dissertation Title Examples

Here are some International Law dissertation title examples to help inspire your dissertation title creation process.

Example International Law Titles

Does the law of armed conflict in relation to the implication of mercenaries need reform?

The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in International Investment Law: Ambit, Effect and Nature

Reservations to multilateral treaties.

Examine the ways in which U.S. domestic policy regarding the death penalty can be influenced by the exertion of concerted foreign political and economic pressure

An Examination of the strength of shareholder and investor protection in Europe compared with the USA.

Swiss bankruptcy law compared with Australia with a comparative of USA and Singapore examining restructuring of business in financial distress focusing on business transactions and long term collaboration between partners

The consumers right to rescind under the sale of goods act

The proper law in case of arbitration between host states and private foreign investors.

Customary International Law with reference to developing and developed countries.

Armed conflict and the laws and human rights that govern it.

A comparative analysis of the doctrines of crimes against humanity and genocide in the context of Darfur with special reference to the Kristic and Akayesu cases

International Law - The Imia/Kardak incident which happened in the Aegean between Greeks and Turks.

The doctrine of pre-emptive self defence: application and implications

Legality of use of force to protect human rights in the post-Cold War.

The importance of dispute resolution - ie. the rules-power debate. Also decisions by the Panels/Appellate Body inject stability

The Quest for Universality - Should Reservations on Human Rights Treaties Exist?