Medical Law Dissertation Title Examples

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Example Medical Law Titles

The inclusion of advanced decisions under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 reflects the acts key objective namely to maintain respect for adult autonomy.

Social ground on the time-limits of abortion.

Law and ethics governing the medical assisted reproduction: Surrogacy’.

Medical manslaughter by gross negligence

Restrictions on Medical Research: a therapeutic jurisprudence perspective on how the 'Direct Benefit' safeguards - in Schedule 1, Part 5 of the Clinical Trials Regulations 2004 - might negatively affect the interests of incapacitated adults

The legal status of the Human Foetus in the UK and How clear English law recognises foetal interests.

The separate rights and interests of the foetus in English law are non-existent, however, this is adequate given the prevalence of the rights

It is time the law in England and Wales was reformed to reflect the fact that a person should be entitled to the right to die in the manner they wish.(researcher may choose to alter title.

Stem cells in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

Legal status of the Human foetus in the UK.

The question of whether the foetus can be protected from its mothers behaviour is a difficult one

Assisted suicide is a criminal offence under the Suicide Act 1961 on the basis that those contemplating suicide are vulnerable and the vulnerable need law's protection.

Discuss the proposition that the law needs to distinguish between malice and mercy

A children born as a result of donor insemination should have the right to know the identity of their genetic fathers.