Tort Law Dissertation Title Examples

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Example Tort Law Titles

Law of the World Trade Organisation.

Maritime search and rescue legal issues, implementation, prospects

Vicarious liability in Tort: Is failure to join primary Tort feasor as a defendant fatal to the plaintiff's claim?

The impact of the decisions in Cassis de Dijon, Keck and subsequent case law on the free movement of goods.

Disputes between the companies from among the several States and the method of arbitration, including and especially in the Islamic Sharia.

Is the sweat of the brow doctrine still valid in today's society ?

Title: Does the tortuous doctrine of Rylands and Fletcher have any relevance in modern law ?

To compare the way Rylands and Fletcher type cases are dealt with in the UK and in other commonwealth countries such as Australia where the

Corporate Rescue in the UK and the USA

Accountability for large scale disasters and work place related deaths: Will the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 deliver justice or is the law still fatally flawed?

A dissertation on the issue of terrorism legislation in UK.

A critical assessment of Terrorism Act 2000, is legal analysis of the legislation and case law in relation to the act.

Law necessarily lays claim to correctness, and this establishes a necessary connection between law and morals.

What is the difference between tort and civil law and give case examples, statements and explain why we need both of these types of law.

Psychiatric damage limitations or more broadly examining how psychiatric damage is characterised and the limits this places on people.

Control of tax evasion through banking regulation.

Critically evaluate what in law will amount to an offer.

The protection of minority shareholders' rights; remedies to unfair prejudice and the grounds for bringing proceedings.

Employment law: is the laws on discrimination adequate in the uk

The introduction of S42A into the Family Law Act 1996 was designed to improve the enforcement of orders made under Part IV of the Act.

Equal pay laws - Are they adequate?

Tort law skills pathway essay on post traumatic stress disorder.

This is part of the client's thesis about evolution of democracy or origins of democracy, from Athenian or Greek times till present day.

Are corporations truly juristic personality?

A comparative analysis of the juristic personality of a corporation.