English Legal System Dissertations

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Legal System And Law Making Process

Laypeople are people without any formal legal training.

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Her Majesties Prison Service

Racial graffiti is particularly rife in Her Majesties Prison Service (HMPS) (see Telfer, 2005).

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Victim Centred Transitional Justice And Understanding

Transitional justice aims to address issues arising from violations committed during conflict or political violence.

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Criminalisation Of Antitrust Enforcement

There has been considerable debate over the last few years in relation to the criminalisation of antitrust enforcement.

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Criminal Justice

Civil law is concerned with the relationship between natural and/or legal persons within a community's jurisdiction. This means that civil law governs obligations that arise as a result of the existing relationship between two parties. These relationships arise either voluntarily, through contract, or by operation of the common law or statute in the law of tort.

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