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Published: Fri, 02 Feb 2018

Law is a discipline

Law is a discipline which is not afraid to ask the awkward questions society does not want to face. It challenges society head-on and pushes the boundaries on what we deem as right and wrong. It can question are morals from the subject of abortion to if theft is ever justifiable. It does not sit neatly in a box like other subjects, but lies outside it giving society the ability to “think about the box”. This unconventional attitude has led me to want to gain an understanding of our legal system by studying a Law degree and answer some of these challenging questions we face daily.

Studying the foundation of English and Welsh Law at A-level has given me the inquisitive nature to want to know more about the subject and the ambiguities within it. Debating was a chance I was given to highlight the questions I had such as if the death penalty should be reintroduced into our legal system. These debates gave me a way to look at the world from a legal and analytical standpoint and have helped me coherently argue my points eloquently. Furthermore, debates gave me a valuable insight into our legal system as I learnt that in Law subject matters are not as black and white as they seem. The grey areas in A-level Law made me research Law beyond the syllabus and read such books as “The Law Machine” which gave a new perspective of Law. A-level English literature developed my writing ability and my critical awareness as I studied challenging books such as Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Merchants Tale and Prologue” at A2. Context was crucial here and I learnt it is not just words but subtext which can shape meaning a skill which coincides with Law and would be beneficial when studying a Law degree. Mathematics at AS-level was a daunting, yet rewarding experience. I had to persevere in order to get the correct answer as giving up was not an option for me. Although it was demanding it made my problem-solving skills much sharper, a useful skill for Law as the Law is filled with problems waiting to be solved and challenged. Government and Politics at A-level has also reinforced my desire to study a Law degree as the two disciplines are so close in similarities. Both require attention to detail; Law being concerned with cases and Politics being concerned with political affairs. A-level Government and Politics has given me an insight into the political world and has made me enjoy watching political programmes such as Question Time and enjoy reading broadsheets such as The Guardian. Being a keen reader will be an important skill for a Law degree and I feel Politics has taught me some important lessons for my future career in law. AS-level Religious studies has also taught me skills which will help my Law ambitions. I have learnt how religion has a deep influence in our legal society; this had made me more open-minded in regards to law and religion and made me tolerate to others views on the matter. It has also made me question if Law and religious can ever exist in harmony and look at Law from a philosophical position.

Outside of academic studies I have been fortunate to be able to participate in extra-curriculum activities such as the National Bar Mock Trial Competition and the Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition. This was a wonderful experience as got to see behind the façade of the wigs and gowns and see the true role of a barrister. In addition to this, I have also been able to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and The Old Bailey which was a new experience for me as I had never been to see a real-life case; this made me see myself the serious and somber nature of Law. For my two years at college I was my class prefect and had to voice my class’s ideas to the student council which tested my communication skills. I was also chosen to attend the LSE Choice Summer/Saturday School which demonstrated my academic abilities and dedication. In addition, I was also a student ambassador for lower sixth students’ which highlighted my positive attributes including my responsible, organised and committed nature. I feel the attributes I possess will help me have a successful career in the legal world and studying Law at this institution will help me achieve this. Apart from school extra-curriculum activities during my Gap Year I have become a Maths tutor for GCSE students something I thoroughly enjoy as I enjoy helping others achieve to their full potential.

Passion is a word I feel people use too frequently when trying to convey why they want to study a Law degree. I am confident that I have the abilities to be a successful Law student, yet I cannot use the word passion until I embark on the degree. As Law is about questions I question if I genuinely have a passion for Law and feel through studying Law at university this question regarding my passion will be answered and lead me to have a thriving career as a barrister.

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