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How does crime affect friends and families?


Why do people feel frightened during day time or night time ? . Bad things do happen , so we human beings should be prepared to deal with these problems .People may fear a country or a state ; this fear is caused by crime. However we can change peoples lives , to make a relevant contribution to the world. Dealing with criminals is vital, police organizations around the world are always trying to reduce the crime rates in their country, but it never changes it usually stays the same

The effect of crime on school children?

Children who are exposed to television, movies, video games and music that have violent themes .These are the major one that persuade people to commit violence. However video games and music are not the only ways , a child can also be exposed to crime at home , at school and other medias can be a cause for violence. Crime and violence affects not only the child but also families. Healthy kids say that there are different effects, depending on whether the violence or crime is experienced physically or through media.

How does crime lead a school child to violence ?

The national center fro children exposed to violence says that ‘' school violence can delay the learning process and lead to violent revenge and mental health issues''. Depression and post traumatic stress are known to be the symptoms. Media is also another problem because it makes them feel unsafe this will possibly lead them to violence and criminal acts.

How does a child respond to death?

Death affects everyone especially children the way children react will depend in different factors like:

  • How close was the person
  • Whether the death was expected
  • The age of the child
  • The level of understanding

How does crime affect a child ?

Socially , The child who has been affected by crime wont be able to interact with events and other ways of entertainment. People around him wont trust him because the child has become aggressive. He wont be able to have a proper education because of irritation , sadness and carelessness.

Locally, The child ‘s friends will start to hate him and they will try to avoid him. Children will have trouble in school, usually caught in fights .Children suffering from post traumatic stress can end up being suicidal. They are also known to be involved in the juvenile justice system. Children's can show their aggressive behavior towards others; by using fire arms at school.

Personally, children who have lost someone can see flashbacks of the good days that child has experienced with the person. They are usually inactive and careless towards their surrounding. They don't go out they are likely to stay in their rooms thinking or acting sad. The child wont be able to eat food or listen to music.

How does juvenile crime affect a community ?

Juvenile crimes affect destruction of property ,and theft have a great impact. A owners store Is likely to be affected by juvenile crimes. These crimes can make the areas unsafe and the community can also loose its pride. Fear will appear among the people in that community because they are afraid that violence in the community will rise.


In conclusion, crime has affected families especially children. A child;s behavior changes after a member of his family had died , the child turns aggressive and suffers from post traumatic stress. Juvenile crime can also affect a community once a theft has happened in the community. The people in the community will the criminals and the community, it is also thought to lose its pride.

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