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Same Sex Marriage and Adoption

Gay and lesbian marriages have led to controversies on the possibility of efficient parentage of such couples. Effectiveness in taking care of children by couples of the same sex has always been doubted. To be exact, most critics strongly fight against adoption of children by same sex partners. The negative perception is further acknowledged by the battles on legitimacy and legal processes in adopting children. Although at present times the adoption of children by same sex couples is legitimate and legal in the law of some countries, this process still faces opposition in the society, human rights activities and children affairs organizations. In some countries like Spain, Britain, Holland and Canada, these adoptions are legally permitted by the law contrary to other major countries in the world where its criticized and considered an abomination.

In the United States, prospective lesbian and gay couples have been prohibited in some states for attempting to adopt children. This prohibition has been made possible either through denial of the right for adoption, banning adoption by unmarried couples or banning marriages by same sex. Presently legislatures in some states are debating on the legitimacy of the resolution to prohibit same sex couples from adopting children. Gender and moral development of a child are always topics that require specific and special interest in their handing, in relation to gender identity, participatory activities and preference (Bharat, 1993).

Consequently, parents’ orientation in terms of gender and sex must be factorized in having adoption by same sex couples from children homes. Common questions always raised include, do boys brought up by lesbian adult couples develop male stability in identity? Do they develop appropriate female attention or attraction and behavior patterns? On the other hand what happens to a girl child reared by gay fathers without a responsible mother in the house? It is widely acknowledged through the psychoanalytic and social cognitive theories that parent-child relationship dictates to a large extent the development of children’s gender orientation.

Outcomes on children brought up in varying family structures in terms of character alignment relates adversely and directly to adult socialization surrounding and co-parenting exposure. Lesbian and gay couples are expected to have same results in the children they bring up. The extent of adjustment is only that lesbian and gay parents differ from heterosexual parents in their parental behaviors. Crucial examination should be established between parental behavior and child development with heterosexual lesbian and gay parenting. This is with the consideration that early family exposure and experience predicts children’s behavioral outcomes in their later life.

Homosexuals should not be deprived of their personality for the simple reason that being gay is not abnormal neither do same sex couples possess mental disorders. They are fully functioning members in the society and should be granted their rights. They participate in all modes of interactions in the day to day life including fighting in the quest of education in schools, opportunities in working places and submitting taxes to the government. In sincerity there are no specific qualifications for being a parent. Nevertheless, suggestions are that an individual to be said to possess good parenting skills, they should be responsible, loving, show great care and trustworthiness (Hulk, 2006). All these also strictly apply to heterosexual parents. Focus should be on accepting that homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals in all purposes in relation to personality, morality and behavior but not in their sexual actions.

With all this argumentative facts in mind there is no precise reason to back up the direct denial of homosexuals of the right of adoption of children. It is also clear that a partner who an individual chooses to be involved with in sexual intercourse is a personal choice. It should not bear qualification for proper parenting skills. Currently as it stands, it will be improper to deny couples of same sex the right similar to other people in the community. To exercise this outright denial will be exhibiting major homophobia or trying to suggest that gay and lesbian parents will end up being inferior parents. The best way to eliminate this weird ideology is through exposure. The community should acknowledge that gay people are as competent as their straight counterparts in proper parenting. Further exposure of the lifestyle of homosexual would decrease community homophobia and having a better understanding of all prejudices leveled at homosexual couples (Hulk, 2006).

The community should acknowledge that parenting is not only limited to biological parents of a child. A substantial number of infants in the United States are not brought up in mother-father parenthood, while others are brought up by gay couples and lesbians. This information signifies an absolute change in the norms and associations in the society that indeed, children are being brought up appropriately by single parents or non biological guardians and same sex couple. Critics are going to bear the burden of justifying the illegitimacy of same sex marriage, when illegitimating gay and lesbian unions equally hamper the possible adoption of orphans. This blindfold denial is detrimental to the young ones and society as a whole.

Orphaned children should not be rendered into lonely lifestyles by being denied care by potential parents who are willing to provide parental care to these infants. Excuses to deny same sex couples the opportunity to undertake their hearts desires for parentage are malicious and should be done away with. The millions of children out there should be provided with an opportunity to attain love and life in stable homes. Agencies have been set up to ensure a proper criterion is observed for applicant parents with the desire for adoption. This outwits critic’s proposal for these children to remain lonely in children homes and without families rather than being adopted by gay parents. Cost benefit analysis outlines that the children living in homes is more taxing to the government as it is entailed with the responsibility to care for these unfortunate children.

A number of children are already being aptly catered for in lesbian and gay households. These children are well adapted and adjusted to heterosexual lives. Statistics on these children show that upbringing by same sex couple proves love and not gender is the basis of making up a family. The children, whose upbringing do not relate strongly to this yet are from same sex couples, are mainly of those individuals who have been in heterosexual affair in pretence of being straight, only to discover later that they cannot stand it anymore (Tasker, 2007). They have emerged from this closet without proper foundation to interrelate amicably with other important aspects in the society. They poses self fear in exposing themselves as couples of same sex and this relates negatively to the children they are rearing.

It’s more beneficial and appropriate for individuals to adopt openness and honesty on their sexuality from the very beginning to be able to elude future regrets. Permitting gay marriage and their adoption of children will act as the stepping stone to conquer homophobia and disregard painful dishonesty to one self. Same sex parents have been regard to instill similar levels of self esteem in children they rear just like their counterparts in heterosexual parentage. Moreover, studies show that kids reared by homosexual parentage do much better in terms of disciple and self esteem (Cahill, 2004). They also have an advantage in having less psychological tremor at home and school.

Same sex parents have also been said to poses better links to their extended family. They provide social support and equitable distribution in division of domestic labor at home leading to better bringing up of the children. Empathy in diversification and being less confined to stereoscopic views are also other clear characters in same sex parentage reared kids. Furthermore a child’s mental health and extent in parent -child relationship is not affected by parents sexual orientation. An all round female parentage family without a father is argued to be more advantageous. Female partners are praised for having closer association and involvement in child’s life and harmony in parentage approach.

Daughters brought up by lesbian mothers are said to have better ability to overcome stereotype behavior and embrace masculine activities like sports and prowess in mathematics and scientific subjects. Gay citizens have similar rights as heterosexual couples to adopt children. They both have equal ability to offer every possible need maybe apart from traditional alienation of the family (Andryszewski, 2008). Traditional norms keep transcending overtime, thus traditions lack their significance in influencing parentage. In addition to all the discussed facts in support of same sex marriage in adopting kids, they also have the ability of getting their own biological offspring. This is possible through technology in the use of surrogate mothers and also artificial insemination. It would be more beneficial if the government and state could grant permission for adoption of these poor and unfortunate orphans.

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