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Lender Of Last Resort

The concept of the lender of last resort (LOLR) owes its origins to Sir Francis Barings, who in 1797 referred to the Bank of England as the dernier resort from which all banks may get liquidity in times of crisis.[1]

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Financial Contributions

For all the rhetoric in recent cases about examining the whole course of dealing and taking a wide range of contributions into account, it is clear that financial contributions are still accorded

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Corporate Insolvency Law In The Uk

Recently, the environment in which corporate insolvencies are resolved has changed. In the past fifteen years corporate insolvency law in the UK has been radically reshaped mainly by means of the Enterprise Act. As a result corporate...

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Expose Shareholders And Directors

In What Way May The Corporate Veil Be Pierced In Order To Expose Shareholders And Directors To Personal Liability For The Debts Of The Company?

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Enlightened Shareholder Value

This essay will consider S 172 CA 2006 in reflection of true ‘enlightened shareholder value’ and the standard set out in same section in the lights of different theories on judgement ,merit of opinion and fact based on theoretical approaches

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Minority Shareholders

Bill and Fred going into business together ought to be aware of how they can share a business together and be protected legally. An insight into the theory of business relationships would be a good introduction.

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The New Derivative Claim

One of the disputable areas in the Companies Act 2006 (‘CA 2006’) is the provisions of derivative claim. A derivative claim is a claim brought by individual shareholders seeking relief

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