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Action For Negligence

In regards to Tim actions, I will be advising Tim on whether he is liable for the damage caused to Peter and Sanjev.

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Development Of A Duty Of Care

Efi With Reference To Decided Cases Discuss The Development Of A Duty Of Care Owed By The Police To Individuals

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The Recovery Of Compensation

The Law On The Recovery Of Compensation For Pure Psychiatric Harm Is A Patchwork Quilt Of Distinctions Which Are Difficult To Justify, Lord Steyn, Frost V Chief Constable Of South Yorkshire Police [1999]2 AC 455 1T 500.

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Reflects Respect For The Right To Liberty

(1) An important qualification, which very much reflects respect for the right to liberty, is the requirement which applies to all normal arrest po...

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Notes On Presentation

The objective of the presentation is to explain and provide an overview of the remedy for damages related to the three grounds for tort which is negligence, trespass and nuisance

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