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Often as part of your BPTC you will need to interview a client in a mock conference where the lay client is played by an actor. You will usually have very basic details prior to the conference and are expected to:

  • Get all the relevant information out of the lay client so that you have full instructions
  • Advise the client on the potential cause(s) of action/claim(s)/defence(s)
  • Advise the client on the merits of the case
  • Advise the client on next steps

What we can do to help you with this is:

  • Prepare notes on what you might want to ask the lay client and anticipate possible or probable answers and lines of questioning so you are fully prepared for the interview.
  • Prepare potential advice depending on the instructions that you have been provided with in advance of the conference.

Conferences play a major role in a barrister's work as they are used to make sure the barrister knows the client's case inside out and, most importantly, knows what the client wants. Conferences may take place at court, at Chambers or at solicitors' offices and it is important that you become familiar with how to get the most information from the client as they may not always realise the importance of key points and facts.

We can provide you with all of the information you need to succeed so that you can feel confident when you walk into your assessment. All you need to do is provide all of the information you have been provided with and detail exactly what you want from your BPTC qualified writer, and we will do the rest.

Law Teacher provides a professional BVC/BPTC Draft writing service that is created by UK academic law experts.

A major part of your BPTC (Bar Professional Training) Course will be drafting. In the context of law, drafting consists of the creating of legal documents, and is a necessary process for all law content and any document that is intended for legal use. Such documents include wills, statements of case and appeals. This means that you will need to become accustomed to the style of writing that is used and expected in the legal realm. Legal writing is distinctive and particular, and because so much is counting on your choice of words, you have to get it absolutely right. A simple mistake or poor choice of wording could have terrible consequences, so there is little room for error.

As with most things in life, the best way to perfect the craft is practice, and when it comes to legal drafting, you can never practice too much. As there are so many different kinds of legal documents, most of which are unique and change from case to case, it is impossible to be fully prepared for every single kind or to even practice all of them at all, however there are a handful of definitive documents which you should focus on, most notably statements of case. Once you have become overly familiar with these, you will find that you become more at ease with a wider range of documents and cases as a large chunk of the requirements are transferable and often applicable across the board.

Law Teacher provides a professional and high-end BVC/BPTC Legal Research writing service, compiled by UK academic law experts.

The Bar Vocational Course (BVC) (which was changed to BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) in September 2011) is one of the most important law courses that should be undertaken by all barristers today. It is a one year course that is aimed at equipping upcoming barristers with very basic and important skills and knowledge to successfully begin pupillage in their final stage of training. In this course, the barristers aim at improving their skills in relevant areas such as advocacy, legal research case preparation, negotiations and conferencing. The course is taken by holders of a law degree or graduates in Diploma in law (GDL).

The practical aspects of legal research are paramount and need to be enhanced by all barristers. BVC/BPTC legal research is a preparation stage for their full acknowledgement of the factual, systematic, or procedural legal issues in a case. The course therefore is focused, thorough, and relevant to research in law in terms of case law precedent. It employs a combination of face to face lectures with online training with the practice assessments at the end of every subject area done.

Law Teacher guarantees a professional and high quality BVC/BPTC Opinion writing service, undertaken by the UK's academic law experts.

BVC which is an acronym for Bar Vocational Course is currently referred to as the Bar Professional Training course (BPTC) after some slight changes were made in the content area some few years ago. The course is mainly designed for upcoming legal professionals who intend to be perfect and well-recognised barristers. The upcoming barristers are required to take the course because a number of arguments rotate around a legal opinion which is the benchmark document for students and upcoming legal professionals. Even though at first it may seem a simple document, the opinion contains some carefully considered advice in a language that is easily understood.

The documented opinion is very logical in structure with the main body giving an explanation of legal liability, evidence, and additional information and solutions. This writing therefore requires additional skills that can be enhanced in a BVC/ BPTC training.

Opinion writing in the BVC/BPTC is often the cause of great stress and is one of the least liked aspects of the course. It is however, widely used and is therefore an essential skill to master. As with other legal documents proof reading, accuracy, clarity and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation are of optimum importance.

Opinion writing, as taught in BVC/ BPTC training, greatly enhances the argumentative skills and increases the success rate of the barrister in their endeavours. In addition, it also provides the students or upcoming barristers with the opportunity to earn extra income by writing legal opinions for interested parties who may be lay in the field.

Law Teacher provides a professional BVC/BPTC Oral Submission writing service that is undertaken by UK academic law experts.

Since September 2010, BVC (Bar Vocational Training) has become BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course). The change is restricted to not just the name but also to some of the content of the course. Law professionals or attorneys who are familiar or who have studied the older version would probably have to go through the recent course structure to get themselves acquainted to the newer developments and not lose out to their peers due to lack of knowledge.

The objective of BPTC coursework is to ensure that trainees acquire a thorough and practical understanding of the various aspects that lead up to proceedings, both criminal and civil, from start to finish. These include a comprehensive grasp of all the rules of evidence and procedure, and the general structure of the trial. Knowledge of the law and its attendant procedures by itself does not warrant successful application of the skill. The coursework provides students with the necessary opportunities for its practical application.

Oral submissions and assessments play a large part during BVC/ BPTC training. So if it's an area that you're struggling with, why not ask us to help you out?

Law Teacher provides a professional and high quality BVC/BPTC Skeleton Argument writing service that is produced by UK academic law experts.

A key aspect to passing the BVC/BPTC assessment is to create a compelling skeleton argument, in addition to the oral argument. A skeleton argument is a brief of the case that the council plans to argue, usually a bulleted list including the stance that the council plans to take, the authority that supports the argument, and citation of the authority. The skeleton argument is a standard part of mooting competitions, or practice rounds at presenting a case against an opposing counsel. Skeleton arguments should be well practiced and soundly delivered; this aspect of BVC/BPTC coursework can be used to practice the skills in the courtroom as well as to develop habits of thorough preparation.

A well-crafted skeleton argument is the prospective barrister's first chance to fire a convincing argument at the judge of a moot competition, or give his or her argument in a nutshell to the BVC/BPTC assessment. It is like a lead sentence to a hard news article; it is the quick, hard summary that gives the judge and opposing counsel the gist of what they are going to be dealing with. A good skeleton argument may plant an idea in the judge's mind that will follow through to the closing argument. However, if the skeleton argument is weak or delivered poorly, it can set the student up for failure before he or she has a chance to present the full argument.

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