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We write essays to help students with their academic and professional law studies, it's as simple as that. Sometimes even the best of students can struggle writing, that's why we've spent over a decade finding the finest writers to help students of all capabilities complete their assignments.

Our order process is simple, all you need to do is visit our order form and provide all of the details of your latest assignment. We then get straight to work matching your order with the perfect writer. As the UKs largest law essay writing service provider you benefit from our extensive database of law writers and over a decade's worth of experience.

Our core offerings include a comprehensive quality report, detailed plagiarism report and fully referenced academic work written to your exact specifications. All of these features are supported by our industry leading guarantees.

Areas where we can help

Another extremely popular LPC service is our advocacy guidance service, which is designed to help you with any advocacy assessment such as:

  • Submissions/speeches to a judge on an application or a jury in a trial
  • Questioning a witness in either examination in chief or cross-examination

Submissions and speeches often require an accompanying a skeleton argument which we can also provide for you. For submissions/speeches, we offer comprehensive bullet pointed notes to guide you in the delivery of your submission/speech.

Additionally, you can choose to upgrade your order to a fully written transcript detailing exactly what you should say during the submission or speech. This is beyond just notes and helps you to understand the exact terminology that you should be using when speaking in court.

With our questioning advocacy guidance service we provide:

  • An explanation of what the contentious issues are likely to be and what you need to get the witness to say in evidence
  • Suggested lines of questioning to address the issues that will need to be drawn out of the witness
  • Suggested response questions depending on what the witness answers or may answer

Do you require an in depth, high quality and professional LPC Case Analysis? Law Teacher's UK qualified academic law experts are just a click away!

Studying or practising law is not simply reading through the scores of law texts and the different legal policies; it is more of understanding the actual scenario, why a certain law has been made and how and in what kind of situations are they implemented.

Case analysis is a way of imparting knowledge in the Legal practice Course (LPC), which emphasises on learning from previous cases, in order to provide an in depth look at a given case. Previous cases are examined in order to analyse and implement any relevant arguments of the previous case to the present one and co-relate the judgement.

Case analysis not only familiarises the student with similar previous cases and their rulings, but also hones the skill of analysing and observing the minute details of a case. It prepares the student to search examples of different cases that have had a similar ruling and try to juxtapose the arguments responsible for the rulings.

Often as part of your LPC you will have to interview a client in a mock conference where the lay client is played by an actor. You will usually have very basic details prior to the conference and are expected to:

  • Get all the relevant information out of the lay client so that you have full instructions
  • Advise the client on the potential cause(s) of action/claim(s)/defence(s)
  • Advise the client on the merits of the case
  • Advise the client on next steps

What we can do to help you with this is:

  • Prepare notes on what you might want to ask the lay client and anticipate possible or probable answers and lines of questioning so you are fully prepared for the interview.
  • Prepare potential advice depending on the instructions that you have been provided with in advance of the conference.

Law Teacher provides a high quality and professional LPC Draft writing service that is produced by UK academic law experts.

Legal drafting or creating legal documents is the centre around which almost everything in the legal world pivots. Drafting legal letters entails a lot more than simply putting pen to paper and getting the job done.

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the Solicitors' Code of Conduct regarding the proper care of client is met.
  • The document should serve its purpose adequately; i.e. provide guidance, information or make requests as the case may be.
  • If the audience is a client rather than a legal professional, then the language and the tone of the document should not contain complex legal words that are beyond the scope of the clients' understanding.
  • Legal documents need to be lucid and brief, whether it is meant for a busy legal colleague or a scared, confused or angry client.
  • It is important to maintain a balanced tone. Issues like family disputes require sensitivity, whereas those dealing with meeting deadlines need a firm tone that conveys a sense of urgency.
  • Accuracy of the legal content is of vital importance to maintain credibility as a legal professional. It is also crucial to stay up to date with the constant changes in civil, common, criminal and statutory law. This is of vital consequence because it would not only affect the reputation of the legal firm bringing it under scrutiny for breach of Solicitors' Code of Conduct but also cause damage to the case.
  • Client care is an issue of supreme importance when drafting legal documents. The Solicitors' Code of Conduct has a number of statutory requirements that should be adhered to while drafting. A large part of what should go into the letter is dictated by the first rule of the Code.

One of the key skills as a lawyer is negotiation. Very often, you will be faced with a situation where resolving the issue amicably between the parties is best for all involved. You need to get the best possible outcome for your client whilst at the same time finding a solution that the other party will accept. This is a fine balancing act and our negotiation preparation service is well placed to help you to learn the important skills involved in a good negotiation.

The key points to a good negotiation are understanding the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case and what your client and the other party want to achieve.

Our negotiation preparation service provides you with a comprehensive assessment of the case you are working on. Once you know how likely it is that you would win at trial, you know the strength you will have in negotiations. You also need to know what the likely remedy or award would be at trial if successful in order to negotiate for a realistic outcome. Our negotiation preparation service can help you to understand the likely legal outcome so that you can be a successful negotiator.

In any negotiation, there will be certain outcomes that your client must achieve and others that they will not concede. It is important to be aware of these when entering into a negotiation and that is where our negotiation service is of great value to you. Our negotiation preparation service will guide you to ask the right questions of your client in order to be fully prepared to represent your client's best interests.

When placing a practical legal research order, you simply provide us with the scenario that you have been provided as part of your course. A qualified professional will then take the scenario as the requirements for the piece and start the research and writing process.

This is most frequently written in the form of a memorandum to a senior solicitor who has requested your assistance in your provided scenario’s firm. Our practical legal research service provides comprehensive research of an area of law and reports on what the technical legal rules and principles are, as well as what the prospects are for client in the scenario.

We excel in providing practical legal research that is concise, to the point and detailed, using primary sources and professional practitioners’ texts rather than just relying on the academic textbooks frequently used in Undergraduate or Masters level work.

Here at, we can also provide you with a research trail as an additional element of your order. The research trail details the research strategy that was employed and includes:

  • Search terms and sources initially checked.
  • Initial findings and why this led to the next stage of research.
  • Details of how one source led onto finding the next.

A research trail is an essential tool in allowing your practical legal research strategy to be validated and, as such, is often an extremely important requirement of practical legal research coursework.

Law Teacher provides a high quality and professional LPC Research Trail writing service. If your LPC assignment requires a Research Trail, our UK qualified academic law experts are on hand to help.

LPC (Legal Practice Course) Coursework is the bridge between theoretical learning and practical training in the field of law. It provides the learners an opportunity to train as a solicitor under the expert guidance of an experienced supervisor.

The focus of the course is on gaining the proficiency required to face a courtroom scenario confidently. The coursework involves group discussions, independent research, workshops and continuous assessments. There are a range of optional subjects that provide the possibility of specialisation to a certain extent.

Research trails are an important aspect of legal research for both students and legal professionals. There will be times during the course when it might be necessary to revisit previously consulted resources. Research Trails are handy techniques and tools that help trainees produce quick, efficient and accurate work. Other reasons why a research trail should be maintained are because

  • It will help verification of facts, in case they need to be reviewed again before arriving at a conclusion.
  • The client may want to see a proof for the research done.
  • A conscientious supervisor may want to verify facts while assessing a student's coursework.

An essential part of gaining your LPC qualification is being able to produce a high quality skeleton argument. A skeleton argument is the basic assertion of the case or submission that you will be putting forward. It is directed towards the judge and a copy is given to the judge and each party before the hearing.

This is then expanded upon by your oral submissions in front of the mock judge, who is often also the assessor. Therefore, we can also accompany skeleton arguments with guidance notes for your oral submission; simply let us know what you require when placing your order.

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Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds including practicing solicitors and barristers as well as those with academic backgrounds who hold qualifications such as Masters and high grade Undergraduate degrees. When you order we always assign a researcher with qualifications at or above the level you are studying, all of our writers have a minimum of a 2-1 Undergraduate degree.

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Our plagiarism scanner, Viper, works in the same way as others such as TurnItIn or WriteCheck to check your order against online sources for plagiarism. Also unlike our competitors we also scan all of our work against a database of previous work; this means if multiple people in your class order at the same time we can guarantee every single piece will be original with no plagiarism between orders.

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Every single order receives comprehensive quality checks to ensure that it meets our high standards. The checks include everything from the basics such as spelling and grammar through to the more complex details such as ensuring that your order is critical rather than descriptive and that it uses only the most relevant cases.

Our in house Law experts can also write up the details of the quality control checks into a custom report. This quality control report only costs £5 which simply covers the cost of our in house team converting the quality control checks into a detailed report ready for you to read.

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