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Title: Was the Trial of Saddam Hussein a Fair Trial? Published: (17th Oct 2019)
Title: Racial Hatred in Prisons - Racist Signs and Symbols Published: (7th Aug 2019)
Title: Limited Liability Partnership Bill, 2006 Published: (7th Aug 2019)
Title: Corporate Manslaughter - A Legal Theory or a Practical Reality? Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Employee and Employer Relationships Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Sanctions on Individuals for Humanitarian Law Violations Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Equal Pay Act Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Lay People Dissertation Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Legislative Protection - The Right to Strike Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Criminalisation of antitrust enforcement Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Method of Regulation in Professional Sport Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Insider Dealing Dissertation Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Corporate Governance in Telecommunications Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: The Marine Bill Dissertation Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: No Fault Scheme For Tort of Negligence Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Legal Issues and Medical Law Problems - Case Study Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: EC Treaty - Vertical Block Exemption Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery across Africa Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Intellectual Property Dissertation Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: EC Treaty - Free Movement of Goods and Competition Law Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Victim-centred Transitional Justice Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: WTO Dispute Settlement System and Developing Countries Published: (6th Aug 2019)
Title: Defence of Duress Overview Published: (3rd Jul 2019)
Title: Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2004 Published: (3rd Jul 2019)
Title: Criminal Justice Dissertation Published: (3rd Jul 2019)
Title: Human Trafficking Dissertation Published: (3rd Jul 2019)
Title: Juristic Personality of a Corporation Published: (25th Jun 2019)
Title: Cross-border Trade and Trademark Protection Published: (25th Jun 2019)
Title: Corporate Insolvency Law Published: (25th Jun 2019)
Title: Individual Freedom and the Social Contract Published: (25th Jun 2019)
Title: Legal Mechanisms - The Debt Financing of SMEs Published: (24th Jun 2019)
Title: Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings Published: (24th Jun 2019)
Title: Electronic Signatures Dissertation Published: (24th Jun 2019)
Title: Principles of liability and personality Published: (24th Jun 2019)
Title: Anti-Corruption Measures in Ghana and Kenya Published: (11th Jun 2019)
Title: Effect of Race and Gender on Jury Decisions Published: (11th Jun 2019)
Title: Issues of Transitional Justice in Traditional Systems Published: (11th Jun 2019)
Title: The Whistle Blowers Protection Act: Issues for Whistleblower Protection Published: (11th Jun 2019)
Title: Contact Orders and Abusive Parents' Access to Children Published: (10th Jun 2019)
Title: Developing International Anti-Terrorism Laws Published: (7th Jun 2019)
Title: Revenge Porn Legislation and Sexting Published: (7th Jun 2019)
Title: Potential Outcomes of Criminalising Forced Marriage (FM) Published: (7th Jun 2019)
Title: Regulation and Investigation of Crime on Social Media in the United Kingdom Published: (7th Jun 2019)
Title: Effectiveness of Anti-money Laundering Legislative Provisions in the UK Published: (7th Jun 2019)
Title: UK Abortion Law - Establishing the Sentience of the Foetus Published: (7th Jun 2019)
Title: Law of Contract - Construction Contracts Published: (30th Apr 2019)
Title: Human Right to Water Published: (30th Apr 2019)
Title: Corporate Governance and Capitalisation Published: (30th Apr 2019)
Title: Tax Avoidance in Thailand Published: (30th Apr 2019)

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