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Policy Analysis Of The Dream Act

U.S. immigration law currently considers children of parents who have entered the United States illegally also to be illegal aliens regardless of the duration of their own stay in the U.S. Two Congressional bills aim to change this status - Senate Bill 729 (S. 729), the Development, Relief, and Education...

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Sham Marriages In European Countries

In the UK and other European Countries, illegal immigrants are quite often resorting to “Sham Marriages”, to evade the strict immigration laws and to settle in Europe which would not have been possible without such scams. This has caused a lot of problems as the people who are engaging themselves...

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The Concept Of Asylum

Japan, in both recent and early history, is no stranger to the concept of asylum. The Samurai proverb ‘Even a hunter cannot harm the bird that comes to him for refuge' lends itself to a tradition of assistance to those who cannot assist themselves. Since Japan's almost seamless transition into...

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Role As An Immigration Officer

In this case study I will be comparing my role as an immigration officer and a customs officer...

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International Refugee Law

The problems of mass exodus of refugees and their influx into a nation have put international refugee law at a crossroads time and again. Questions such as whether the principle of non-refoulement is applicable to situations of mass exodus have also been under consideration of the international community for over...

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Immigration Law And Families

Every day families and their children come to seek protection in the UK in order to escape civil conflicts, prosecution and wars in their original countries. These families may be defined as refugees. According to the UN Convention of 1951 a refugee is a person who is unwilling or cannot...

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Immigration Asylim Chamber

The appellant applied for leave to remain in the United Kingdom as a Tier 4 General student migrant under the point based system and for a biometric immigration document on 22nd of December 2009....

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Sham Marriages

It has already been reported several times in separate reports that the “Sham Marriages” are on a rise in UK, which is a direct consequence of the strict immigration laws in the country. According to BBC in 2009 the “Sham Marriages” increased by more than a half and this was...

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The Scale Of Global Migration

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined the scale of global migration, as ‘the movement of people from one area to another for varying periods of time, is vast and growing'. The estimation by the International Organization for Migration shows that 192 million people globally, which is a three percent of...

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Immigration Problems And Sham Marriage

It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that there is much resort to sham marriage as a means of obtaining leave to enter for persons who would not otherwise be able to obtain it. The subject has in recent years received the attention of Parliament and the courts. This...

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Immigration And Asylum Law

‘Even where the appellant is unlikely to re-offend, the judicial authorities may be prepared to uphold a deportation on the basis that it may serve as an example and deter others.'...

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Sham Relationships

Inspite of the UK's protracted immigration history, only in the past decade has it started to account for a sustained level of net immigration, Hester et al, (2006) a burgeoning trend which have been fundamentally triggered by the remarkable economic success recorded under the political administration of Tony Blair. This...

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National Refugee Legislation

The application of national legislations, like, the Foreigners Act, 1946, the Passport Act, 1920, etc. which are explicitly and exclusively applicable to the foreigners in the country to the refugees are a source of inconsistent judicial decisions. In the absence of any guiding force like, a national legislation,...

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Immigration Law

This essay will examine the criteria for the convention ground of membership of a particular social group and will assess how the Law Lords have been able to extend this concept to enable them to deal with asylum claims based on gender persecution. To be recognised as a refugee it...

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Migrants in Australia have always been looked upon as second class citizens. They are seen as ripping of the government, and taking the tax payers money. Migrants have only been allowed to enter the legal system in the past 20 years. This means that the effectiveness of the legal processes...

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