Is Using Our Service Cheating?

Of course not! Using our law essay writing service is 100% legal and doesn't make you a cheater if you use it.

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The legality of essay writing services

Law essay writing services sometimes get a bad press, mainly because the people who say it’s for cheaters don’t understand how to use the service properly. Used the right way and you’ll discover what a fantastic learning tool our essay writing service is, one that will help you achieve the grades you want. It’s better than any so-called ‘model essay’ from your tutor or a barely relevant journal or book from the library.

The truth about our service is this...

It's how you use our custom law essay service that really matters.

Thinking of buying a model answer from us and handing it in to your university as your own work? If you’re considering using it this way then you’re cheating. The legitimate way to use our service is to use your model answer as a learning aid. It’s no different to using a journal, book, web article, study guide or any past paper given to you by your tutor - except this learning resource is tailored to your exact requirements. And it isn’t cheating!

How to use our custom law essay writing service legitimately

Use a custom law essay in the same way you would use a book, journal, newspaper article or past paper given to you by a tutor. This way is the most legitimate and honest method of using our custom law essay service. It’s also legitimate to produce your own work and research using our essay as a guideline - which is no different to finding a journal or article that details all the arguments and points you need to include in your essay.

We know there will be a small group of students who will use our service dishonestly but only because they’ve confused us with the many other essay writing companies who allow students to hand in custom essays as their own.

We realise that because the work we provide is 100% original and plagiarism free, there’s little action we can take to prevent students from misusing our service. We believe those students who use our work as a guideline for their own research will reap the rewards and benefits more than a student who simply hands in one of our custom essays as their own.

Simply put, our custom law essay writing service will teach you how to write fantastic essays. By simply asking for the help you need, you’re not cheating or acting dishonestly. You’re just trying to get the grade you truly deserve.

Why does the custom law essay writing industry have an unfair reputation for cheating?

There has been insufficient research by the media and academic bodies as to how a custom law essay writing service like ours is intended to be used. We never intended our service to be used by students to cheat by handing in our work as their own, which is not only morally wrong and foolish, but can end with the cheating student getting caught and punished.

University tutors and lecturers are smart - is it wise to think a student can fool them by handing in work that is superior as if it’s been plagiarised in full by copying from textbook or journal? Of course not! Any student who misuses our service in this way still has to sit exams for the majority of their work so how can using our custom essay in this way possibly help?

Ultimately it is because of the media's and university's assumptions of cheating that is preventing hard working and honest students from benefitting from custom law essay writing services like ours.

The benefits of buying a custom law essay

When purchased from a professional and trustworthy company like, a custom law essay can accurately show you how an academic essay should be written and researched. A custom essay is 100% tailored to your requirements which makes it far more effective than any general guide, textbook or essay bought from an essay bank or mill.

Is using custom law essay writing ever cheating?

Only if you try to pass the work off as your own - the same as paraphrasing or copying from a book or asking a friend to write your essay for you, which happens more often than you think.

Are custom law essay writing services legal?

Of course they are! Providing written help is a long standing academic tradition. If you banned services like ours then published books, journals and articles should be banned too!

It isn’t the essay writing companies fault if a student decides to cheat using the service anymore than it’s a book supplier if a student cheats by copying from it.

Should I use your custom law essay writing service?

You should consider using our service if you intend to use our custom essay as a guide to show you how to research and write your essay - though always make sure that you order from a reputable law essay writing company such as

As tempting as it is, If you’re thinking of ordering a custom essay from us and handing it in as your own then you should reconsider using our service. Cheats always get caught!

Will my university find out?

Our custom law essay writing service is 100% confidential. LawTeacher is a registered data controller which means under the 1998 data protection act, we won’t tell anyone you’ve used our service unless we’re requested by law to do so.

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