New Rules for Ordering from LawTeacher for UK Customers

Since the introduction of the new Post-16 Education Bill we are constantly being asked to clarify our stance on providing essay writing services to students based in England and the wider UK. The information below answers the most common questions we are asked from students looking to buy law essays and assignments within the United Kingdom.

UK Legislation

Who the New UK Legislation Affects:

  • Students who are studying at post-16 education institutions that are located in England – which includes Universities, Colleges, 6th Forms, and 16-19 Academies
  • AND who order a custom written model answer or essay/dissertation outline/skeleton answer.

Who The New UK Legislation Does NOT Affect:

  • It does NOT affect students who are studying at institutions that are located in Scotland or Wales; or other countries.
  • It does NOT affect students located or from England studying at institutions outside of England.
  • It does not affect orders for other services such as marking or proofreading.

What Are The New Rules

Following recent changes to legislation, we are obliged to make certain checks on your order before accepting it. Please read these carefully.

Student contact information

If you submit contact information that suggests you are studying at an English higher education institution, we are obliged to cancel your order. This would include using an email address from an English University and/or English geographic phone prefixes.

Student IP address

Should your IP address suggest you are in England, you may be contacted for a secondary check requesting proof of your place of study.

Additional study information

If you include additional information/attachments with your order that suggests you are studying at an English higher education institution (for example, course materials with the university name or details on), we are obliged to cancel your order.

Personal use

Some students are clearly studying at English higher education institutions but are including a statement in their order that the work is for personal use. Where we can see your place of study is an English university and it is reasonably clear that the order is for a study aid, then we will have to cancel your order.

Requests for evidence

Should any of the above circumstances occur, we may ask for evidence of your place of study. Acceptable proof might include:

  • An offer letter for your course
  • A recent timetable
  • A letter addressed to you from your university

Please therefore don’t submit orders to us that we will have no choice but to cancel – it wastes your time and ours!

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