Get the grade from your tutor or your money back

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Law Teacher's four guarantees ensure that you receive the highest possible standard of academic work

Our Guarantees

The highest level academic work supported by a full money back guarantee

1. Get the grade from your tutor or your money back

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We are leading the industry! We are the only essay writing company offering this guarantee. We have invested heavily in the best academic writers and quality control process to bring this to you. This gives us the confidence and ability to produce the highest level academic work and support it with a full money back guarantee. Now our customers have the greatest security, reassurance and peace of mind.

We know university can be stressful for students and even the process of ordering a model answer support essay can make things worse. We are committed to making the service we provide the most trusted, reliable and hassle free in the industry. With over ten years' experience, we know the need to deliver your order perfect first time and on time, is most important to you. We value this requirement so much that our whole business is concentrated on delivering these promises.

The (not so) small print

To be eligible for this guarantee you have to incorporate (but not necessarily limit yourself to) all the core arguments and points in your submission. You must write in a clear, well-presented manner, and do so exclusively in your own words. You should also refer to the main references we have used in our model. You cannot copy and paste text directly, or simply 'change the words' around. The work you submit must be 100% original derived from the material we provide and your own study. Copying our submission either wholly or in part is plagiarism and breaches our terms and conditions and your academic integrity.

We always meet deadlines

2. Delivered on time

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We understand how important deadlines are - that's why once we confirm your delivery date, we guarantee that your work will be delivered on time. If we're late, you receive your work for free!

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3. At or above standard

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We guarantee that the standard of the work we deliver will match or be marked above the grade you ordered, or your work is free.

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£5,000 No Plagiarism Guarantee

4. 100% Original

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Every single order is carefully checked for plagiarism. You paid for a custom service and that's exactly what you'll get with If we plagiarise, you receive £5,000!

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Get the grade from your tutor or your money back

New for 2016! -

Receive exactly what you expect: first time, and every time!

Our Quality Standards

Receive exactly what you expect: first time, and every time!

Every order is delivered to exacting standards

The team at works proactively to prevent any problems with your order. We know that whilst guarantees may offer you remedies should something go wrong, ultimately the most important thing for you is to receive exactly what you expect: first time, and every time!

Our focus is always on the quality of the work we deliver, ensuring that we never let you down. When you order from, you know that we've taken the time to ensure your work meets your exact requirements.

We also know that it's important for you to receive your work on time and free of plagiarism. Here at, we work closely with the writers to ensure that your work is delivered on time and customised to your requirements. We also make use of our own custom plagiarism detection software to make sure that the work you receive is 100% original.

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