4. Our Feedback Culture

Since March 2012, we've been working continually to change how our company operates on a daily basis. At the heart of these changes is Law Teacher's feedback culture. We know that the best companies learn from the feedback of their customers, so we made it easier to leave feedback and use your feedback every single week to improve the quality of the service we deliver.

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Exceptional Customer Experience

We never want to let our customers down and our friendly Customer Experience team are here to give you a voice inside the company and ensure that we do the right thing for you. Alongside your feedback, we also use a mixture of internal and external feedback to get a complete and balanced view of the service we provide and any areas where there are still room for improvement.

About our internal feedback systems

When we complete your order, a detailed quality control report is created which we use to provide direct feedback to our writers. So if your writer is missing out on a more recent case then we can let them know and continually train them whilst editing your work, to ensure that when it is delivered, you get exactly what you expect to the grade you ordered.

Over the last two years, we've dramatically improved the amount of data we collect and we're continually improving our use of the information we have on record about all our writers. We ensure that all of our writers are monitored not only overall but on a modular basis, so if a writer is stronger in criminal law than tort, we ensure we play to their strengths so that we never let you down.

About our external feedback systems

To supplement your feedback and the information we gather internally, we also have an external audit completed quarterly on the quality of the work that we deliver. The feedback we receive from independent experts allows us to drive forwards the industry and the quality of the work that you receive.

Also noteworthy is the way we make use of your feedback. When you submit feedback, it is always read by a member of our management team. This ensures that if there is an actionable change required based upon your feedback, then it's in the hands of someone who can actually implement the change, rather than someone who will just give you an apology. We always work not only to resolve any issues you may have but to prevent them in the future for both yourself and our other customers, meaning that we genuinely value every time a customer leaves feedback.

The final product

Thanks to what we've learnt from our customers' feedback, we're confident that we are the highest quality law essay writing service in the UK. We've tested ourselves again our competitors and know that no one else provides you with the level of detail that we do with every single quality report. This unparalleled service advantage means that when you come to Law Teacher for help, you know you leave with only the very best work.