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Published: Fri, 02 Feb 2018

Disciplinary And Grievance Polices And Procedures

Discipline and Grievance both are “two faces of same of coin.” If starts with Discipline, it is the way to instruct the person to follows the rules or simply says order. Discipline of Teacher to a Student , Father to a Son , Employer to a Employee. In an Organization Employee follow the instructions regarding Discipline if He or She does not follow, the there is a Punishment for the particular employee.

Whereas Grievance is the subject that a complained filed by the employee to resolve by procedure provided in the union contract.

To run an organization properly, it’s important that there must be an effective and good procedure for the employee’s discipline and grievance policies, if any problem occurred, both parties have a proper way to follow to solve any issue related with them. Working in an organization, an employee sometimes, may violate some discipline procedures of company and depending on the seriousness of the violation, these disciplinary and grievance policies and procedures teach us how to resolve these problems, according to the guidelines, marked in these policies just like Grievance which is very common being difference of opinion over an issue. Such violations could be treated according to the nature of the misconduct, being minor, serious or big. In fact, grievances is equally serious as discipline since these differences of opinion are usually more difficult to resolve, just like discipline issues like seniority problems including promotion transfers and layoffs. If we have a well defined and proper policies and procedures, related to such issues, then we can solve them according to the guidelines provided in these policies and procedures.

Lack of discipline and grievance and careful planning in an organization can not be efficient planning is actually a policy it is a procedure to direct for the development. The policy plays a vital role and makes an impact on any type of Enterprise, hence the result of a long effortful deliberation made on various forms it provides a abstract frame work and also a plan of action for any organization, so the success and structure of organization depends greatly upon the discipline and grievance policy and procedure, without Policies and Grievance the company can not grow in a positive manner, policy procedure also target to achieve unique development goals of any organization is a continuous systematic process and the initial step in plan formulation of any organization without the policy procedure the aims and objects of organization can not be recognized or achieved in a true sense of words. Thus discipline and grievance policy procedure go in the way of progress of any organization. They enable the members of organization to create conductive and comfortable environment because disruption can create a lot of problems to make en effective system.

The way of an undisciplined and unplanned organization is very difficult. Because in every organization staff members or workers lost their patience and took wrong step, So, it is necessary that there should be a foolproof structure of Discipline and Grievance, from which an Organization could adjust the better way between workers and organization(management).

Without policies and procedures there would be chaos and there would not be defined objectives to achieve. It is very well said that “failing to plan actually means planning to fail” so the strength and progress of the organization totally depends upon pure planning policy procedure and civilization. It is the collective effort of the planner’s policy makers and administration to do efforts for the development of organization. Single individual can’t make it strong or power full.

We can easily conclude that laws and rules for is for our safety purpose. If we cross the rules or limits then we have to pay for that.

In order to realize the importance of having effective disciplinary and grievance policies, we need to have a look on the basic reasons which causes these disciplinary and grievance issues, separately. Firstly, let us view grievance issues and then disciplinary issues later.

Grievance related issues:

If we talk about organization, then there lot of issues related to Grievance, Such as promotions, wages-hours, Employee concerns regarding bad treatment may also be grieved. Sometimes employee also put matter related to vacations.

Grievance sometimes a symptom of an underlying problem. Sometime bad relationships between seniors and juniors are to blame. This rarely cause of grievances over transparent treatment. For example sometimes women also faced issues related to sexually assaulted it is matter of concern. Organizational factors such as unfairness, frustration, or dissatisfaction from job can also count as grievance.

Discipline related issues:

Disciplinary issues are concerned with any negligence of rules and regulations, or any failure to meet the required principles of attitude, conduct, performance or appearance or failure to respond to previous written warnings, prolonged or repeated acts of misconduct.

Examples may include theft, fraud (including attempts to commit theft or fraud) or other criminal activities, deception, serious breaches of confidentiality, gross professional negligence or misconduct or misrepresentation, Mishandling or misusing the company property or damaging the property creating a mishap for the organization.

What is the importance of disciplinary and grievance procedures?

Disciplinary and grievance procedures tells a clear rules to deal with difficulties which may grow as part of their working relationship from either the employer or from the employee’s . It is mandatory that everybody should be treated in the same way in similar situation, to ensure issues are deal with fairly and reasonably and that they are accommodating with current policies and procedures.

Why Grievance procedures are needed:

To give each person with a course of ability should they have a complaint.

To Give marks of contact and timescales to resolve issues of concern.

To make an effort to solve the issues without aid of an employment tribunal.

Why Disciplinary procedures are needed:

Employees acquainted that what company needs from them in case of standards of performance and gives punishment in case of not completing the task given to the employee on given time.

To recognize difficulties to each employee obtaining the required standards such as training requirements, shortage of clearness of job requirements, additional support and take suitable action.

Makes to resolve the problems and difficulties without going to an employment tribunal.

Importance of Grievance and Disciplinary policies and procedures for the employees

Grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures are equally important for employees as, it gives support and security of Job, Which means, adequate efficiency in the organization. It is the responsibility of the HR Department to give a catalogue in which all these procedures and policies are clearly written and instruct the employees; from which the employees must be aware the rules and regulations of the employees, and is case of breaking of these regulations, staff members or workers could be aware of the truth and should be ready for explanation or punishment according to the severity of breach. In case of any injustice, Employee should be aware of rules and also known to use them. These rules are made for employees to secure them, but also to tell them that be in the limits of an organization. The aims of these procedures include assist and increase the moral of the employees to show an improvement in an organization. If judgment is taken against an employee due to some misconduct and if the employee is not happy with the decision taken by the management against him or her, He or she has a right to make his or her appeal in upper level.

The main importance of these procedures and policies to upgrade and make better structure in the conduct of the employees. Some hard enterprises some time different types of disputes are arise between the employees and the organization gives serious punishments and forget the rules and regulations. The employees may suffer a big loss. With help of these procedures the management could ask the employees to obey these policies and rules within the place in organization. When the employees knows the laws and procedures then they not break the rules and laws in the organization .This is the way that an employees can work without any fear. From this help of this it can increase the efficiency of the employees. The effective grievance Disciplinary policies and procedures shows how to face in bad circumstances which commonly occurs in the organization. Transparent and foolproof policies and procedures gives the job security to the employees of the organization. Whereas on other side it allows to be in law and regulations of the organization.

Importance of Grievance and Disciplinary policies and procedures for the employers

In this addition these procedures and policies are also reliable and resistance for employers in manners of absolute Disciplinary policies and procedures are needed to deal with the workers who are unknown from these standards.

The aim of such a system is not just impose punishments on employees but also to help the employees to boost his performance or conduct with the exception of Gross or Serious misconduct.

Examples of misconduct should be mentioned in a catalogue given to employees. Employees are expected to take where they are unsure of what is permitted. The requirements for satisfactory standards of performance and attitude from employees is required by all organisations and these standards are set by the HR department of the organisation. Termination only occurs when all other efforts have failed. When misconduct is suspected, the organization will use this procedure to investigate and take any resulting action, including termination in rare or serious cases.

Advantage of Grievance :

An Employee remains cool and calm if he or she concern about grievance.

Employee would not create any Chaos during the work.

If employee is satisfied means the work should not be effected or not a bad impact on an organization.

Grievance also ensured the employees safety and security.

Advantages of a Good Disciplinary Policy [1]

A transparent and adequate disciplinary policy offers many benefits, including:

A transparent, easy disciplinary policy would explain the employees what the company wants from them and what kind of behavior will not be acceptable. Enforcing the policy in a consistent shape will show employees that you take these rules seriously in an organization.

With Good Disciplinary structure it will increase the morale of the employees as a result the good work and organization gets rapid growth in business world.

It also confirms the protection of the employees, with good policies and procedures. It will be more harder for an employee to make an argument regarding his or her termination was unjustified if the company explains to an employee that what is the result of this misconduct, then the particular employee get disciplinary action.

Example of Discipline :

Walena a 32 year old lady working in a store as an accountant, from last 4 days she is coming late 20-25 minutes in office. On 5th day the Accounts manager asked the reason for coming late to office. She said that I have 3 year old son to whom I have dropped at daycare school, thus she is late. Accounts manager tell her that she could drop her child 30 minutes early to school. But she refused. Manager proceed this case to HR Department. Very next day HR Manager asks Walena to come on time as you are on responsible post, but she yelled and refused.

Action against Walena(employee)

HR department held a meeting and issued a warning noticed to Walena. That she must be on time.

Reply from Walena

After that noticed issued, Walena was more serious about her work and she come on time. She dropper her son 30 minutes before in daycare school.

Impact: In this example we have seen the employee is not at time but after that she is on time. With this kind of step from HR department other employees also keep vigil in mind. Because policies and procedures are same for every one.


Discipline plays a vital role any organization. Without discipline is very hard to run business. Every organization his own rules and disciplines’ for each and every employee it is the responsibility to follow the principles. Organizations should make such rules according to his environment. Hard discipline cannot achieve hundred percent result. For some employee breaking the rules it is easy but the company teach a hard lesson to them in a form os punishment. Some times the senior or junior employee accidentally breaks the rules. Organizations should neglect because this is done mistakenly by seniors. Often influence on employee behavior is more or less to intentionally break the laws. Whereas strict discipline in some organization is very important just like Hospitals, Nuclear plants which is most sensible in concern of Country safety and security, Airlines also related to the customer, defense forces. In such types of sensible organizations, the employees should aware about rules and regulations. In these organization strict discipline should exist because you are dealing with country security and safety. Which is very important. Sometimes in these organization employee should pay a lot in terms of losing there jobs.

GRIEVANCEs throws negative impacts in the organization. Due to this the company lose the trust of an employee and sometimes employees quit the organization. Prime objective of the management remove the dissatisfaction and deal with it fairly. It is the duty of the HRM department to solve all the matters related to grievance and discipline. HR Department should also create a peaceful and stable environment in an organization and deal partly with employees. HRM department should understand the culture of the employee. In Western World some organizations are very strict discipline and some are so soft. Good HRM departments solves all maters in a positive way.

There is no correct way of handling employee discipline and grievance. For some employers it is difficult to analyze these policies and procedures, because sometimes they face these issues are related to the employees to whom they do not want to loose which they think they are an asset of the company. But at end everything matters the image of the organization which can be a great impact on other employees the thinking. Regardless these policies should apply on every employee. In the progression of the company.

It is clear that without good Discipline policies and procedures, and ignoring the Grievance policies, rules and regulations an Organization can not reach at peak level in the business.

Because employee satisfaction is prime, today the great world leaders like Microsoft, Nike, Coca-Cola and other big companies are at remarkable position because of employee satisfaction.

Employer should standards and should also teach the employees to adopt these Disciplinary and Grievance policies and procedures.

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