Law Dissertation Title Examples

Coming up with a title for your dissertation is no easy task. You have to spend a lot of time crafting the perfect dissertation title that will then lead you into writing your dissertation. Get your title wrong or put little effort into it will mean that you’re going to have a bumpy ride in the forthcoming year!

We have collated for you some dissertation title examples below that should help get you started with writing your own law dissertation:

Commercial Law

  1. In FOB and CIF contracts it is necessary to transport goods by sea or can they be transferred in another way, for example air or land?
  2. Passage of risk in an fob contract: Its implications on the buyer.
  3. When does risk exactly pass in an fob and what effect does it have on the buyer?
  4. What are the different theories regarding passage of risk?
  5. Should the point of passage be left the way it
  6. The Use of Force Majeure in an economic downturn.
  7. The role of 'United Nations Conventions Against Transnational Organised Crime' and 'Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism', in the fight against money laundering.
  8. Physical asset protection and the associated liabilities of the company directors.
  9. Statement of research objectives: To ascertain liabilities which may arise when a company director authorises protection of a company asset and the possible outcomes
  10. Fraud exception under letters of credit; a comparative study between UCC, UCP600 and English Law
  11. Has the regulation of information provision in the Financial Industry by the Financial Services Authority been adequate to date? If not, did any failures it had have a role to play in the global recession?
  12. Topic Vienna Convention (CISG).. Advantages and Disadvantages of India Ratifying CISG- Discuss with US, NAFTA,China Free Trade Agreement, UK etc
  13. The subject about the English commercial arbitration no. 1996
  14. The applicable law , and how to appointment it during the arbitration to find the right jurisdiction relating to the English arbitration law 1996
  15. The client would like a topic for their dissertation which is about the EU banking Law and and the topic should be about the free movement of goods. The client was thinking about the quantitative restrictions
  16. Comparative study of the principles of Takaful insurance and Commercial insurance: Saudi Arabia as a case study.

Company Law

  1. Whether the directors are accountable towards shareholders or not.
  2. The position of the secured creditor in a liquidation and administration table of contents.
  3. Administrative Enforcement of corporate criminal liability provisions in Saudi Arabia. Critical Analysis.
  4. The right of minority shareholders in a takeover
  5. Critically assess the current law on Corporate Governance
  6. A comparative analysis of procedural demands in takeover of listed companies and assignment of their merits.
  7. Compare UK, US & China, in the suggestion part please apply some information to suggest china's takeover listed company procedural.
  8. A universal Corporate Governance System is not only desirable but essential in the age of globalization. Discuss Critically
  9. Compare and contrast the laws and regulations combating money laundering in the UK, with those in Australia.
  10. Globalisation and its impact on the Indian automobile industry.
  11. An examination of the extent to which the Company Directors' Disqualification Act 1986 has deterred the activities of delinquent directors and a consideration of how the law could be further developed"
  12. Shareholder Activism and Corporate Social Responsibility
  13. UK Company law legislations provide advocacy shareholders such as NGOs adequate legal strategies in their pursuit to change corporate behaviour. Discuss.
  14. Can a court extend the corporate veil to include groups of companies as a single entity?
  15. Topic: The position of the secured creditor in a liquidation and administration table of contents.
  16. The meaning of liquidation/insolvency
  17. Free movement of goods Impact of EU Law)
  18. Administrative Enforcement of corporate criminal liability provisions in Saudi Arabia
  19. Investor Protection and Civil Liabilities For Defective Disclosures By Corporations In Saudi Arabia
  20. Securities, capital market and disclosures laws and civil liabilities.
  21. The right of minority shareholders in a takeover
  22. Critically assess the current law on Corporate Governance.
  23. A comparative analysis of procedural demands in takeover of listed companies and assignment of their merits.
  24. A universal Corporate Governance System is not only desirable but essential in the age of globalization.
  25. Compare and contrast the laws and regulations combating money laundering in the UK, with those in Australia.
  26. Globalisation and its impact on the Indian automobile industry.
  27. An examination of the extent to which the Company Directors' Disqualification Act 1986 has deterred the activities of delinquent directors and a consideration of how the law could be further developed
  28. Shareholder Activism and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  29. UK Company law legislations provide advocacy shareholders such as NGOs adequate legal strategies in their pursuit to change corporate behaviour
  30. Can a court extend the corporate veil to include groups of companies as a single entity?
  31. Directors duties; has the case for codification been met?

Comparative Law

  1. Is there an inherent conflict between competition law and intellectual property?
  2. Penalty and liquidated damages clauses in comparative perspective.
  3. Critical discussion of the law governing the Corporate Governance and Disclosure requirements in the stock exchange market: A comparative study between the UK and the Sultanate of Oman Law.
  4. An analysis of the contributions of the international labour organisation to the development of labour and trade organisation in the third world countries : a case study of Nigeria.

Competition Law

  1. Private enforcement of the competition law and its effect on public enforcement in the UK and EU.
  2. Critically analyse the implementation of the UK Bribery Act 2010 as a response to corruption in business?
  3. Competition Law: A thorn in the flesh of an organised cartels

Constitutional Law

  1. The problem of child abuse in family and position of law in Tanzania
  2. why does the Irish legal system in Construction still persist with Arbitration
  3. A critical Review of oil and Gas industry Content Act 2010
  4. Critically analyse the extent to which the British Constitution is suitable for a 21st century democratic state such as the United Kingdom.
  5. Discuss the political forces and theoretical debates that shape Canadian constitutional law in relation to the Constitutional Liberties (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

Contract Law

  1. To develop a framework for the interpretation of good faith within construction contracts.
  2. Force majeure rules in Saudi commercial contracts; a comparison with English law.
  3. Determine that the formation of a contract is based upon the intention of the parties is to perpetuate a myth.

Criminal Law

  1. Enigma on the admissibility of electronic evidence in corruption cases in Tanzania.
  2. Expert Evidence - a matter for judge or jury?
  3. Both the requirements that I have attached be
  4. Anti-social behaviour orders, do they prevent anti-social behaviour?
  5. The Art of War is one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy. Sun Tzu suggested the importance of positioning in strategy and that position is affected both by objective conditions in the physical environment and the subjective opini
  6. A critical discussion on homicide reform; the Law Commissioners reports, principles and proposals.
  7. How may excessive use of new UK stripclub legislation effect the lives of female workers (strippers).
  8. Which is to provide certainty and not have it get out of hand. Of course, it should be administered justly and only then can it serve its proper purpose. However, after examining both sides, whichever argument is stronger, it shall prevail.
  9. The criminal liability and punishment of corporations in the UK.
  10. To What Extent Can It Be Said That People Who Suffer From Personality Disorders And Mental Health Issues Are More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes?
  11. The law on gross negligence manslaughter is insufficiently clear.
  12. Comparative study of money laundering legislation in United Kingdom and United States of America.
  13. Corporate crime relating to subscription in company shares during the Phase of Incorporation of company, and their sanctions under Companies Law 1965 of Saudi Arabia
  14. It has to be a critical analysis based on the provisions of Companies Law 1965 in Saudi
  15. Legal sceptic approach on current ENGLAND and WALES legislation governing acts related to prostitution ie. Prohibition on pimping
  16. To What Extent Can It Be Said That People Who Suffer From Personality Disorders And Mental Health Issues Are More Likely To Commit Violent Crimes?
  17. Replacing a number of defences with a single defence, that is the defence of lack of responsibility.
  18. The defences of provocation, diminished responsibility, debates around battered wifes syndrome and insanity should be replaced
  19. Anti-Social behaviour orders, Do they prevent Anti-social behaviour?
  20. The Efforts of Saudi Arabia to Combat Money Laundering: A Legal study in international context.
  21. The correlation between the different forms of punishment theories and the percentage of reoffenders for each theory?.
  22. What should be the criteria under English law to hold companies criminally liable for corporate crime?
  23. A critical analysis of the Law Commission's proposals on Murder, Manslaughter, and Infanticide (Report No 304), and the coherence of the suggested reforms
  24. To what extent could the media be held criminally responsible for the crimes of genocide under international criminal law?
  25. Police practices of stop and search are discriminatory against ethnic minorities
  26. Compare and contrast between UK law and Islamic law on victim of crime compensation.
  27. Corporate crime and failure to prosecute
  28. How the criminal justice system can be reformed

Employment Law

  1. Evaluation of Employers' Express Power to Vary Contract Terms
  2. A critical analysis of the impact of racial discrimination laws with regard to the workplace
  3. Evaluation of Employers' Express Power to Vary Contract Terms

Environmental Law

  1. Contribution of climate change to conflicts between pastoralists and farmer in Kilombero district, Morogoro region, Tanzania.
  2. An Investigation on Subsidence in UK Domestic Buildings
  3. Financial Implications and Effects on the home owners, the Insurer and Built Environment in general.

Equity Law

  1. equity and trust dissertation. Constructive trust, resulting trust and proprietary estopple in relation to the family home.

European Law

  1. The importance of double jeopardy in criminal proceedings according to the European law and The Schengen Agreement Article 54-58
  2. The Development of the rights of EU migrant workers in the UK: Is the treatment of their family members still discriminatory?
  3. Supremacy of EU law vs Sovereignty of the Parliament?
  4. Discretion granted to national courts in the procedure for preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU threatens the uniformity and consistency.
  5. Has the EU law been successful in enforcing the effective competition policy enshrined in the EC Treaty for the Community with regard to Article 82 of the EC Treaty?
  6. The Directive on electronic commerce - the slow growth of the cross border e-commerce and how should the revised e-commerce Directive reduce or eliminate barriers to cross-border e-commerce
  7. Evaluate the extent to which the powers which the European Commission has to enforce EU competition law are appropriate.
  8. Pulling out of Europe is easier said than done
  9. Critical assessment of the possible implication of UK withdrawing from the European Union
  10. The free movement of healthcare professionals under EU Law, a critical analysis: Rethinking Accountability and Regulation in English Law
  11. The treaty of Lisbon and its implications.

Family Law

  1. Consideration of the applicability of the Criminal Justice Act 2003
  2. Is there need for reform in the scottish protection legislation/system to prevent cases like Baby P and Brandon Muir?
  3. Considerations of the applicability of the Protection of Harassment Act 1997.
  4. Methodology and ethical considerations: reasons for adopting secondary research approach.
  5. Analysis of the law on forced marriage
  6. Do the current legal requirements for forced sterilisation place a greater emphasis on the best interests of the individual or society?
  7. To what extent can children that are being looked after exercose their rights to contact with their parents?
  8. HUMAN RIGHT ISSUES WITH REGARDS TO CHILD PROTECTIO" Human right issues with regards to child protection
  9. Family law runs deep, how deep?
  10. The Battle of The Wits On Divorce: Prenuptial Agreements after Radmacher v Granatino and the case for reform?
  11. The resident parents interest seems to outweigh that of a child. Payne v Payne (2001) EWCA Civ 166 is outdated, there is call for reform.
  12. Examination of Judicial and academic proposals to address this area of harassment
  13. Why has the law been slow to respond to domestic violence and what problems it has raised responding to it?

Finance Law

  1. How can Islamic finance contribute to the reform of the financial industry in the aftermath of the credit crisis?
  2. Effects of the 2007-2010 Global Financial Crisis and Its Regulatory Implications on China
  3. Off-shore tax havens: A gateway for Money Laundering.
  4. Financial Regulation Has Become Too Draconian
  5. International Project Finance Regulation: A Critical Appraisal and Comparison between the International Regulatory Regime and the Shar'iah Principles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

General Law

  1. From the perspective of the UK coalition Government's austerity measures,the approach of the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to legal aid funding appears both principled and generous.
  2. To examine the role of Judicial activism in the Irish Courts, since the introduction of the Constitution.
  4. Examine the role of judicial activism in the Irish Courts since the introduction of the constitution.
  5. Confidentiality in mediation - is it a pretence or a necessary element?

Immigration Law

  1. Immigration changes and the effects it has on the society today in the UK
  2. An appraisal of the effects of Article 8 of The European Convention of Human Rights on the UK`s domestic immigration law.
  3. Recent Development of Immigration and Human right in respect to children.

IP Law

  1. Comparative claim interpretation.
  2. Comparative Claim Interpretation- A comparison of patent claim interpretation in the United Kingdom and Germany
  3. Trademark Law & Passing Off - do they provide adequate protection in the UK?
  4. Adequacy of the UK legal system with regard to passing off and trademark registration
  5. The impact of technology on intellectual property rights in the business world?
  6. Technology is a critical aspect of economic development and discusses the effects of technology on intelle" Intellectual Property Law
  7. The research objective used in this paper can be asked as a question and put as the title.
  8. A critical analysis of impact of trips agreement on Indian patent law with reference to medicine and drugs.
  9. Tortuous liability of intellectual property rights. Intellectual Property Law

International Commercial Law

  1. Protect the Foreign Direct investment (FDI) under the world Trade Organization (WTO)
  2. The Current and Future WTO Dispute Settlement System - The Analysis of Practical problems Article 21.5 and Article 22 of the DSU.
  3. Has average knowledge of principle and authority, and either expresses it very well or show
  4. The topic is A CIF Contract arguably places the buyer in a poor position in relation to the seller
  5. Electronic Arbitration in Contracts of E-Commerce.
  6. The duties and responsibilities of the buyer and seller in the CIF and FOB contracts in the UK and issues arising from them.
  7. The relationships between (i) the Art. V:II provisions, (ii) LDC social and legal systems, and (iii) Western concepts
  8. An analysis of the cases and jurisprudence of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in contrast with the cases and jurisprudence of the International Court of Arbitration
  9. This the title of the dissertation

International Criminal Law

  1. How have recent international Terror Events effected International Terror Law?
  2. The interface between extradition and asylum' but this can be modified.
  3. Money laundering and terrorist financing an insight into the money laundering (prohibition) Act of Nigeria.

International Law

  1. Does the law of armed conflict in relation to the implication of mercenaries need reform?
  2. The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in International Investment Law: Ambit, Effect and Nature
  3. Reservations to multilateral treaties.
  4. Examine the ways in which U.S. domestic policy regarding the death penalty can be influenced by the exertion of concerted foreign political and economic pressure
  5. An Examination of the strength of shareholder and investor protection in Europe compared with the USA.
  6. Swiss bankruptcy law compared with Australia with a comparative of USA and Singapore examining restructuring of business in financial distress focusing on business transactions and long term collaboration between partners
  7. The consumers right to rescind under the sale of goods act
  8. The proper law in case of arbitration between host states and private foreign investors.
  9. Customary International Law with reference to developing and developed countries.
  10. Armed conflict and the laws and human rights that govern it.
  11. A comparative analysis of the doctrines of crimes against humanity and genocide in the context of Darfur with special reference to the Kristic and Akayesu cases
  12. International Law - The Imia/Kardak incident which happened in the Aegean between Greeks and Turks.
  13. The doctrine of pre-emptive self defence: application and implications
  14. Legality of use of force to protect human rights in the post-Cold War.
  15. The importance of dispute resolution - ie. the rules-power debate. Also decisions by the Panels/Appellate Body inject stability
  16. The Quest for Universality - Should Reservations on Human Rights Treaties Exist?

Land Property Law

  1. The benefits and disadvantages of investing in REITS over other forms of investment both property and non property related.
  2. Property ownership of unmarried couples, has Kernot v Jones provided clarity?
  3. The Effect of the credit crunch on UK Residential property.

Maritime Law

  1. How could the doctrine of utmost good faith affect intermediaries and mortgagees in Marine Insurance contracts?
  2. Justification of limitation of liability in maritime law

Medical Law

  1. The inclusion of advanced decisions under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 reflects the acts key objective namely to maintain respect for adult autonomy.
  2. Social ground on the time-limits of abortion.
  3. Law and ethics governing the medical assisted reproduction: Surrogacy’.
  4. Medical manslaughter by gross negligence
  5. Restrictions on Medical Research: a therapeutic jurisprudence perspective on how the 'Direct Benefit' safeguards - in Schedule 1, Part 5 of the Clinical Trials Regulations 2004 - might negatively affect the interests of incapacitated adults
  6. The legal status of the Human Foetus in the UK and How clear English law recognises foetal interests.
  7. The separate rights and interests of the foetus in English law are non-existent, however, this is adequate given the prevalence of the rights
  8. It is time the law in England and Wales was reformed to reflect the fact that a person should be entitled to the right to die in the manner they wish.(researcher may choose to alter title.
  9. Stem cells in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.
  10. Legal status of the Human foetus in the UK.
  11. The question of whether the foetus can be protected from its mothers behaviour is a difficult one
  12. Assisted suicide is a criminal offence under the Suicide Act 1961 on the basis that those contemplating suicide are vulnerable and the vulnerable need law's protection.
  13. Discuss the proposition that the law needs to distinguish between malice and mercy
  14. A children born as a result of donor insemination should have the right to know the identity of their genetic fathers.

Tax Law

  1. Implications from moving from a country of origin to a tax that is applied at destination as suggested in the recent green paper ' towards a simpler, more robust and efficient VAT system'
  2. Prospects of success for sino-Argentina Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA).

Tort Law

  1. Law of the World Trade Organisation.
  2. Maritime search and rescue legal issues, implementation, prospects
  3. Vicarious liability in Tort: Is failure to join primary Tort feasor as a defendant fatal to the plaintiff's claim?
  4. The impact of the decisions in Cassis de Dijon, Keck and subsequent case law on the free movement of goods.
  5. Disputes between the companies from among the several States and the method of arbitration, including and especially in the Islamic Sharia.
  6. Is the sweat of the brow doctrine still valid in today's society ?
  7. Title: Does the tortuous doctrine of Rylands and Fletcher have any relevance in modern law ?
  8. To compare the way Rylands and Fletcher type cases are dealt with in the UK and in other commonwealth countries such as Australia where the
  9. Corporate Rescue in the UK and the USA
  10. Accountability for large scale disasters and work place related deaths: Will the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 deliver justice or is the law still fatally flawed?
  11. A dissertation on the issue of terrorism legislation in UK.
  12. A critical assessment of Terrorism Act 2000, is legal analysis of the legislation and case law in relation to the act.
  13. Law necessarily lays claim to correctness, and this establishes a necessary connection between law and morals.
  14. What is the difference between tort and civil law and give case examples, statements and explain why we need both of these types of law.
  15. Psychiatric damage limitations or more broadly examining how psychiatric damage is characterised and the limits this places on people.
  16. Control of tax evasion through banking regulation.
  17. Critically evaluate what in law will amount to an offer.
  18. The protection of minority shareholders' rights; remedies to unfair prejudice and the grounds for bringing proceedings.
  19. Employment law: is the laws on discrimination adequate in the uk
  20. The introduction of S42A into the Family Law Act 1996 was designed to improve the enforcement of orders made under Part IV of the Act.
  21. Equal pay laws - Are they adequate?
  22. Tort law skills pathway essay on post traumatic stress disorder.
  23. This is part of the client's thesis about evolution of democracy or origins of democracy, from Athenian or Greek times till present day.
  24. Are corporations truly juristic personality?
  25. A comparative analysis of the juristic personality of a corporation.