2. How we find the Best Writers

We know that to produce the highest quality work in the industry, we need the best writers. To do this, we're continually searching for new writers whilst training all of our current writers to maintain their high standards.

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Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is extremely stringent. We require the following from all applicants:

  1. Proof of ID and address – We want to know that we're dealing with the right person, so we match two forms of ID against each writer's proof of qualification. Our team are also trained to spot fraudulent documents which are commonly used by international writers from countries such as Kenya and China.
  2. Proof of qualification – We ask for a copy of the certificate provided upon completion of a prospect writer's course and check its legitimacy. At this point, we filter out both writers with fake qualifications and those from Universities with poor reputations. Only accepting the finest writers means turning people away on a daily basis. We're dedicated to providing the best model essays and dissertations and we would rather have too few writers than compromise on the quality of even a single order.
  3. Proof of module grades – Law is a subject with many disciplines and it's vital for our team to know which areas a writer excels in and in which areas they are weaker. Each individual area of law is added to a new law writer's profile separately, so even if they achieved a first class overall, they wouldn't be able to complete your order unless they have the required grade for the module you're currently completing.

We also recruit writers across different jurisdictions. One of our popular areas recently has been Australian Law, so we've also trained our team to be able to interpret the results of academics from US and Australian writers alongside our core UK team.

Making the Best Better

Once we have found the finest academic talent, we really put them through their paces. New writers are given trial briefs to ensure that when it comes to producing work for a paying customer, we can be confident that they'll never let you down.

The first brief delivered by any new writer is given a comprehensive quality check and feedback is provided for further improvement. This is something which any LawTeacher.net writer must become used to, with ongoing feedback forming part of our professional development for writers.

As part of the ongoing training, we closely monitor all of our writers' performance so not only do we know if they make a mistake, we know if they make the same mistake twice, which helps us identify any potential weaknesses in our training system. This ensures that you don't have to worry about little things like the positioning of commas in your references meeting your referencing style requirements, as we have it all covered.

Keeping the Best Writers

To keep the best writers in the industry is tough, but we offer a generous rewards package to keep the best writers working with us (some of whom have now been with us for a decade)! We pay the highest rate of any known UK writing service and reward writers for their hard work and dedication.

We provide lots of incentives to our writers to ensure we get exactly what we expect from them. Incentives are provided for consistent delivery of high quality work, and also for the early delivery of work to ensure we have plenty of time to complete quality control checks before your order is delivered. It is this culture of looking after our writers that ensures LawTeacher.net remains the highest quality law essay and dissertation writing service in the UK.