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Writing A Law Dissertation Background

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Writing a law dissertation background

Your law dissertation background is a key part of your overall work and presupposes that the reader has no prior knowledge of the topic under consideration. In essence therefore the background contains introductory and elementary information without which it would be close to impossible to understand what the paper is all about.

Try to use broader concepts and ideas to illustrate the topic under consideration. This not only provides the reader with additional information but will show your passion for the subject. It is for this reason that you avoid selecting topics for research that you either know nothing about or hack no real interest in. The background section is your opportunity to demonstrate how well versed you are on your chosen topic.

If for example your dissertation is on the development of a precedent through case law, it would help the reader to understand the historical background to the old law and why reform was needed. If you present preconditions for the development of the precedent, your reader will better understand it.

If your dissertation is from s socio-legal standpoint calling for reform of a particular area of law, or in a particular country, your background can consider the current law and why reform is needed. Do avoid either an overtly verbose or politically orientated background which could cause the reader to lose focus of a major problem you have identified for consideration.

Whilst your research proposal is used to demonstrate the importance and need for your research, a well written dissertation background can implicitly do this for you. When setting out differentiation background, you can encourage the reader’s interest by showing actuality and importance of your chosen topic in today’s legal environment or for society as a whole.

Your law dissertation background is your opportunity to be creative and to show your personality.

If you are struggling with your law dissertation background, be this based on a black-letter law tradition or written from a socio-legal perspective, we at Law Teacher are here to help.

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