LPC Letter Drafting

Are you studying the Legal Practitioners Course? Have you been asked to write a letter 'on behalf of your supervising solicitor?'

If so, this guide is an ideal resource, aimed at helping those struggling with drafting a letter. Use our free resources below.

Included within this section

An Introduction to LPC Letter Drafting

This guide will help you think about the purpose, audience, tone, accuracy and structure of the letter you are drafting. Additionally, this guide covers 'client care.'

LPC Letter Drafting Sample

This sample letter has been drafted by one of our experts who has undertaken the Legal Practitioners Course. This step-by-step guide will help you to draft your own letter, as our expert has provided comprehensive annotations underneath every section.

LPC Letter Drafting Practicalities

This guide provides further tips to help you draft the perfect letter

Other LPC Resources on Law Teacher

Guide to Advocacy