3. Resolving Problems With Your Order

The bespoke nature of our services means that, sometimes, things can go wrong. It may be that your writer has missed out an important source, or something more obvious, such as the use of the wrong referencing style. Due to the wide variety of situations where things can potentially go wrong, we've fully outlined the compensation you can expect if you are dissatisfied with our service.

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Table of Remedies

Issue Resolution
Work below standard - reported within 3 months of receiving order. Full refund and your work to standard for free.
Work below standard - reported more than 3 months after order is received. Credit up to two thirds of order value against a future order.
Work received late - where there are no technical problems outside the control of LawTeacher.net (power cut, Internet provider failure etc.). Full refund and your work to standard for free.
Poor spelling and grammar in work - exceeding 5 mistakes per 1,000 words. Must be reported within the order amendment period. Depending upon the severity of the errors, between 10% credit and full refund, and your work amended for free.
Lack of adherence to the set word count outside our 1% below and 10% above word count boundaries. Dependent upon word count completed and suitability to meet your requirements, anything from 10% partial refund to full refund.
Not using essential sources as requested. Up to full refund dependent upon severity - if lack of essential sources reduced the standard below that ordered, a full refund will be given.
Inconsistent presentation must be reported within the order amendment period. Up to a full refund dependent upon severity - if standard of work is reduced below grade ordered, a full refund will be given.
Plagiarised work, verified as plagiarised by our Aftercare team. The researcher is liable for the fulfilment of this guarantee; we will hold their current invoice and pay you the full amount to up to £5,000. Researcher details will be passed to yourself to make a direct claim against them for any remaining balance of the £5,000 plagiarism bond. We will also completely rewrite your work for free.
Late amendments, where work below standard. We are happy to offer either a full refund, or amendments to your work to the correct standard.
Late amendments, where work already at correct standard. When the standard of the work guarantee has been met, we will provide a 10% refund for each working day where amendments are late.
Slow response to amendments from researcher. We guarantee a response by the next day to all amendment requests. Depending upon severity of amendments and the urgency of completion, between 10% credit and 100% refund will be given for slow response to amendment requests.
Late part-submissions, must be reported next working day. We do not guarantee the part-submission schedule - only the final delivery date. However, each part-submission missed will result in a 10% credit.
Extenuating circumstances work extension. Under rare circumstances such as illness, a researcher may request additional time to complete your work. You are not obliged to accept any extension requests and will receive a full refund if unable to accept the researcher's request. If you do accept an extension and you have paid additional money to receive the work earlier than our standard delivery, this will be refunded. We will also offer a 10% credit of your order value for accepting any extension request from the researcher under any circumstance as a thank you for helping your researcher.
Researcher dropped out of brief. Depending upon our ability to deliver on your set deadline, we will refund between 10% and 100% of your order. 10% will be given where you are happy to offer additional time for us to complete the order and a full refund will be given in circumstances where we are not able to meet your deadline or agree an extension.

Only customers who use our work in line with our fair use policy are entitled to the above resolutions. Customers who have either intentionally abused or misinterpreted how the service should be used may receive differing resolutions and may be prevented from future service usage. We always want you to leave happy with the service we have provided and will consult with you to ensure you're happy with the resolution provided.

Exceptions for Top Grade Boundaries

When producing Undergraduate 1st and Upper 1st class work as well as Masters Distinction and PhD work, we are unable to guarantee the standard of the first submission above an Undergraduate 2:1 or Masters Merit standard. To produce 1st class work is a highly collaborative process, so we work directly with you until you're happy that the work we've produced.

We are also extremely flexible with the amendments period to take this into account and will continue to work with you until the work meets the standard you originally ordered. To check the grade meets the standard ordered, we use external assessments from independent researchers graded to the marking scheme you provided.

How we Remain Impartial Whilst Judging Quality

We guarantee the standard of the work based upon an independent assessment of your work by a fully qualified expert. This expert is paid the same, regardless of whether they pass or fail the work and their input allows us to remain impartial in judging the quality of the work that our writer has produced.

One thing that is of vital importance when ordering from us is ensuring that you provide us with as detailed instructions as possible, as we can only mark the work for suitability against the instructions you provide. This means it's in your best interest to spend a little extra time to send us a copy of your module materials and marking guide for your assignment. Unfortunately in the past we found a lot of refund requests could have been prevented had more detailed instructions been provided, so when placing your order please take your time to ensure that your writer has all the information you've been provided by your university.

It is also important to note that we do not accept feedback on our work from your University, as the work produced should not be directly submitted to your University as your own. Upon receiving a model answer, you should absorb the materials provided and rewrite the arguments in your own word, adding more information wherever you feel you can build on the work we have provided for you. In situations where you have submitted work directly to your University, we'll still try to help you but we'll only base our resolutions on an independent marker's judgement. Resolutions available are completely discretional, but we'll always try to be fair whilst giving you an opportunity to correctly use our service.

Finally, you should also be aware that LawTeacher.net is able to remain impartial because in situations where a refund is required, we recover this loss from the writer of your work, so there is no financial incentive for us not to compensate you for poor work. In fact, some of our most loyal customers are those where we've gone above and beyond to resolve small problems with their previous orders.