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Gender Issues in Criminal Justice

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Published: 14th Aug 2019

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Currently many government accords a lot of priority to womenn on issues related to talking with victims of rape in comparison to men. Although the history of criminal justice shows that females have been ignored recently there has been great focus on female’s rights and this has led to increased number of females joining justice system to be part of law enforcing body that address the female rape concerns. Although men are taught to have been helpful in enforcing laws that protects women from all sorts of domestic violence and rape victims, their efforts have not been practical and that is why it is justifiable to argue that women are very vital in enforcing laws that protects them from all forms of violence as well as talking to rape victims in a more better way.

It should be noted that men are the perpetrators of rape thus they cannot genuinely enact laws that will protect women from rape. Research shows that a woman by the names of Turner was bought drinks by men in Fort Lauderdale bar not knowing that there were some strings attached but as she became drunkard men used that opportunity to rape her and eventually left her lying by the roadside. The above story clearly depicts that despite the physical strength of men than women they are not committed to eradicating rape in our societies thus making women to remain as the epicenter in addressing rape concerns (Ivory, 2010).

There is need to enact gender sensitive strategies so as to have a complete change in culture that will witness effective leadership at all levels that will help end violence against women. The U.K government in its effort to ensure complete culture change published an article entitled together we can end violence against girls and women. This strategy was aimed at bringing progress in the criminal justice system so as to end sexual violence, forced marriage, honors crimes, rape among others. Despite U.K government efforts it was still indicated that there were little progress in the asylum system. It forced women to indulge in the struggle so as to realize progress since the grievances of women on issues related to domestic violence especially asylum seekers were not given any special consideration. This formed the basis of women seeking for asylum which is enforced by charter of rights of women searching asylum so as to ensure equality in handling violence against women. In U.K therefore a woman who had claimed asylum due to rape or any other form of domestic violence from her mother country was given less attention by male police officers. This serves as a good example to show how women rights have been ignored by men in many parts of the world and that woman remains as the most suitable person in talking to women suffering from rape and other forms of sexual abuse (R.W.R.P, 2009).

Research shows that fathers withdraw from their daughters at a most critical time of growth when they need their positive support and guidance on issues of sexuality. Available data shows that it is only 20 percent of parents who educate their children on sex issue and this is believed to have been the cause of over 2 million teen pregnancies in every year. The best way of parents protecting their daughters is by telling them what is all about sexual abuse, the information also indicates that fathers feel quite uncomfortable talking about sex with their daughters thus they have failed to ensure that girls get vital information which will enable them to develop safe and healthy attitudes about sex. The above evidence leaves women as the best law enforcers and the most correct persons to talk to victims of rape because by fathers escaping their responsibilities then it means that the woman can add diversity to the existing law and help ensure that perpetrators of rape face the law accordingly (Ivory, 2010).

Fathers today have remained as visitors in the lives of their children’s and this has denied many children the experience and love of their fathers. This indicates that fathers have assumed their responsibilities and instead they have been left to women. What need to be understood is that the two parents are vital in the growth process of a child and guidance of children’s as a family makes them have trust in their parents as people who are concerned with the live of their children. By the virtue of the fact that fathers have remained as tourists in the lives of their children it serves as a good indicator that they are not helpful in enforcing laws that can address gender inequality in our societies and at the same time they don’t have concerns of talking with victims but rather ignore them hence making women to remain as the most commendable person in enforcing laws that can correct prevalent sexual injustices in our societies (R.W.R.P, 2009)

Similarly there are reported cases in our societies where women have been left with full responsibility of taking care of children’s where she acts as the mother and the father at the same time. Our cultural systems are too inconsiderate to an extent that they don’t question man even if he is on the wrong on the issues of child care and upbringing and even those that are fair they are not very consistent in supporting the grievances of women. Although some tremendous progress have been achieved as far as protecting the rights of women there is still more to be done in some societies in order to address some strong cultural beliefs that looks at women as subordinates to men. Its recommendable for all states through department of gender to lay down goof strategies that will fully protect the woman (A.D.J, 2008).

Although some of the accusations made on the issue of sexual abuse are false, it will be wrong to fully deny this horrid reality because it is worldly known that sexual abuse was and is still taking place. The bitter part of it is that it’s done by adult men who fail to ask themselves why they are doing such an injustice to very young girls, this shows how irresponsible men are. However, some women have also turned to be perpetrators of some rape cases in our societies because of dressing indecently that makes men start thinking of rape.

The existing laws do not protect victims of rape fully because funny scenarios often takes place in our criminal justice system such as requiring the rape victim to give detailed information when recording statement forgetting that rape cases are usually unexpected and forced thus the victim may not at time have all the information required by the criminal system. This has left many victims of rape not to report the incidents of rape but instead develop their only survival skills and behaviors that enable them cover up their feelings. It is pertinent to argue that the criminal justice system is has not helped solve gender issues in our societies thus it formal for women to be fully involved in law enforcement process and this will add a lot of diversity to the criminal justice system that will ensure that victims of rape are interrogated very well and find appropriate ways of helping rape victims (Ivory, 2010)

Gender violence is rampant across the world and it has become a human right and public health issue. The United Nations populations fund priority is to end all gender based violence so as to ensure a safe environment for girls and women in order to lead a successfully and productive life. The current government of United States under the headship of president Barrack Obama has made the struggle of ending women violence as a global and national issue through supporting stronger anti violence laws as well as appointing senior officers at all level within the government to ensure that gender rights are upheld. Although president Obama has good strategies of ending gender violence what need to be asked is which type of gender officials will effectively employ gender violence policies and address this global issue of gender violence. The reality of the matter is that its women who should be given senior gender positions lead the rest of the world in the fight against gender violence and ensure that there is equality for all in our criminal justice system (U.N.P.F, 2009)

The available statistics shows that every year over 4.5 million women are victims of gender violence where cases of rape are approximated to be above 0.5 million. The available facts in America also shows that after every two minutes a woman is usually assaulted sexually and the 2008 statistics shows that cases of forced rapes stands at 57.7 per thousand women while around 34.7 % of women murder were done by men. Basing on this statistics I strongly disagree with any person who argues that men can add any diversity to the existing laws and protect women from gender violence because it is the very men who assault, rape and expose women to various forms of domestic violence thus they cannot be champions in ending women violence (U.N.D.F, 2009)

It is agreeable that domestic violence is a global epidemic that cuts across class, ability, race and ethnicity. The American department of labor indicates that violence has even extended to work place thus a very serious health and safety issue at work thereby responsible for fatal occupational injuries in America. Report shows that in 2007 homicide was responsible for 11 percent of fatal injuries that occurred at work place (A.D.J, 2008)

What need to be emphasized is there is great need to end violence committed against women thus all countries of the world should give this strategy greater priority by enacting strong laws and policies than will protect girl, women and other marginalized groups from all kinds of violence. However, what need to be emphasized is that women should be the custodians and enforcers of these laws and if this is adhered to the world will have a healthy and thriving society in comparison to entrusting senior gender positions with men since they are the main perpetrators of rape and all forms of gender violence in our societies.


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