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Analysis Of The Equality Act

The introduction to Equality Act 2010 Equality Act 2010 is an act of the Parliament of United Kingdom which taking effect from October ...

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Legal Status Of Temporary Agency Workers

Since the introduction of the Employments Rights Act 1996, the question whether a claimant in an unfair dismissal case is or is not an employee ...

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A Repudiatory Breach Of Contract Law Essays

Usually if the employee resigns, the contract terminates and the employee will have no claim against the employer for wrongful dismissal.

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Employment Status In Employment Law

The question of the Employment Status in one of the most difficult to answer in Employment Law.

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Vicarious Liability

What is vicarious liability? How can it affect an employer? How can it affect a partner in a business?

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Introduction To The Process Of Whistleblowing

Most of the companies and public start concerning about whistle blowing after the case of World Com, and Enron case, which give a big ...

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Analaysing Important Legal Issues In Vrs

Corporate is a socio- economic identity surrounded by its environment. It operates under the influences of numerous external factors such as social...

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Distinguish Between Essentialia And Contract Of Employment

Definition: A contract of employment is an agreement between two legal personae (parties) in terms of which one of the parties ...

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Human Resource Management Employment Relationship

In Human Resource Management employment relationship is an essential factor in the running of an organization. It can lead to a motivated ...

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Associative Discrimination And Equality Act

Associative discrimination is the act of discriminating against an individual because of an association with another person who has a protected ...

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