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A-Level Law Coursework Help

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5th May 2020 Law Coursework Help Guide Reference this In-house law team

A-Level Law Coursework Help

A level grades on the whole were pretty good in 2010 with 8% of students being awarded a fantastic A* grade. But, did you know that students in England & Wales were out performed by their Northern Ireland counterparts by a whopping 1.2%?

If you are taking your A levels to get the grade you need to get into Uni, then we can give you all the help you need!

If you are just looking for inspiration with your own essay writing then there is some useful information for you below.

Score top marks in your A Levels

The following are some suggestions on how to score the top marks in your A Level Law Coursework.

  • Law Coursework – Writing Style:
  • Ensure the piece of law coursework presents wide ranging and accurate knowledge, and shows that your are confident with the concepts and principles outlined within the work.
  • You must ensure your work is elaborate, and contains relevant citations from statutes and case-law.
  • You must have the ability to analyse central issues to the question, and show understanding to some of the following:
    • Current debate
    • Proposals for reform
    • Relevant points of law in issue
    • Relevant arguments
  • You must also have the ability to apply points of law clearly to a given factual situation and reach a sensible and informed conclusion.
  • You must check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • You must use appropriate legal terminology and communicate relevant material clearly and effectively.
  • Law Coursework – Special Studies:
  • The special studies form the final unit for each option that you choose.
  • Your special study will be carried out with focus on one particular theme: – such as law reform. This will be linked to the branch of law you studied in your module option.
  • You will be issued with a booklet related to your theme, which will form the starting point for your law coursework.
  • You will be expected to read books, journals, articles and other related materials to improve your understanding.
  • You will sit an examination without your annotated copy of the law resource booklet and be expected to show understanding of your theme.
  • A Grade Law Coursework:
  • To guarantee yourself an A Grade piece of law coursework, you must make sure that at all times you demonstrate a good understanding of the subject, and that you focus on each element of the question in considerable detail.
  • Key Skills Needed For Law Coursework:
  • The skills you will need for writing law coursework will include the following:
  • The ability to select and read material that contains relevant information
  • To be able to identify and compare the main lines of reasoning from within the text,
  • And the skill to synthesise relevant information, and use it within your coursework

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