11. Drafting Statements of Case

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What does Halsbury's say?

"Statements of case and other documents drafted by a legal representative must bear his or her signature and if they are drafted by a legal representative as a member or employee of a firm they must be signed in the name of the firm.

Every document prepared by a party for filing or use at the Court must:

(1) unless the nature of the document renders it impracticable, be on A4 paper of durable quality having a margin not less than 3.5 centimetres wide;

(2) be fully legible and, normally, typed;

(3) where possible be bound securely in a manner which would not hamper filing or otherwise each page must be indorsed with the case number;

(4) have the pages numbered consecutively;

(5) be divided into numbered paragraphs;

(6) have all numbers, including dates, expressed as figures; and

(7) give in the margin the reference of every document mentioned that has already been filed.

A document which is a copy produced by a colour photostat machine or other similar device may be filed at the Court office provided that the coloured date seal of the Court is not reproduced on the copy."

Halsbury's Laws of England, Practice and Procedure (Volume 37 (Reissue)