6.1 First Client Meeting

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Both before and during a first meeting with a client, a solicitor is required to consider a number of important matters with regard to client care, costs and money laundering. Some of these considerations will be ongoing and continue throughout the retainer and beyond.

Core Duties

All solicitors owe a duty to their client the Court and the public. There are six core duties set out in Rule 1, under which all solicitors are required to adhere to the following:

1.01 Justice and the rule of law

You must uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice.

1.02 Integrity

You must act with integrity.

1.03 Independence

You must not allow your independence to be compromised.

1.04 Best interests of clients

You must act in the best interests of each client.

1.05 Standard of service

You must provide a good standard of service to your clients.

1.06 Public confidence

You must not behave in a way that is likely to diminish the trust the public places in you or the profession.

A trainee should always consider their suitability for a case, based on their experience and expertise. Trainees are obliged to inform the client of their status.

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