11.5 Replies and Requests for Information

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A Reply

Under CPR Part 15, a reply may be made by the Claimant in response to issues raised in the defence if they were not dealt with in the Particulars of Claim.

Under 15.8, if a claimant files a reply to the defence, he must:

(a) file his reply when he files his Allocation Questionnaire; and

(b) serve his reply on the other parties at the same time as he files it.

Part 18 Request for Further Information

If a statement of case is not sufficiently clear, either party can make a request for further information.

Under CPR Part 18, the Court can order a party to clarify or give additional information in relation to any matter in dispute.

If such an order is made, the party to whom it relates must file their response and serve it on the other parties within the time limits laid down by the Court.

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