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Rex v Entain Plc

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22nd Dec 2023 Case Summary Reference this In-house law team

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Legal Case Summary

R v Entain Plc - Deferred Prosecution Agreement

Summary: Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) following on from a bribery investigation by HMRC

Commonly known as: R v Entain

Facts in R v Entain

The case Rex v Entain PLC revolves around the UK-based sports betting and gambling company, Entain PLC. The company has been accused of breaching numerous gambling regulations, among which being the failure to take adequate measures to alleviate problem gambling as well as facilitating underage gambling (Gambling Commission, 2020). The company was allegedly making profit from VIP customers who were displaying problem gambling behaviour (Gambling Commission, 2020). Additionally, the company also faced accusations regarding its lack of efficient mechanism to prevent the participation of underage individuals in gambling activities, which is against the UK gambling regulations (Gambling Act 2005, s 47).

Issues in R v Entain

The key legal issue in this case is whether or not Entain PLC violated specific provisions of UK gambling regulations, specifically, Sections 41 and 47 of the Gambling Act 2005. The failure to prevent underage gambling and not taking sufficient steps to prevent problem gambling amongst customers, particularly VIP ones, raised significant issues related to ethics and responsible corporate behaviour in gambling industry. Furthermore, the case also raised the question of whether gambling operators can be held accountable for the potential harm caused by their failure in implementing adequate control measures (Gambling Act 2005, s 41).

Decision / Outcome of R v Entain

The Gambling Commission fined Entain PLC, stating that the company's actions violated UK gambling regulations. The court's ruling reaffirms the necessity for corporate accountability in the gambling industry, placing particular emphasis on the industry's responsibility to prevent problem gambling and underage gambling. This case acted as a warning signal for gambling entities across the UK, underscoring the Gambling Commission’s unwavering stance on the issue, and affirming that breaching of gambling regulations will result in serious consequence (Gambling Commission, 2020).

Legal Implications

The proceedings in Rex v Entain Plc are pivotal in understanding the enforcement of regulatory norms in the context of corporate operations. The case provides insight into how UK law interprets and applies principles of corporate governance, especially in industries subject to stringent regulatory oversight.


1 Gambling Commission, 'Entain PLC fined for social responsibility and money laundering failures' (Gambling Commission, 2020). Available at: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news/article/entain-to-pay-gbp17-million-for-regulatory-failures 

2 Gambling Act 2005, ss 41, 47

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