Crazy Law Facts

Strange laws from around the world!

Women can kill adulterous husbands

Did you know that in Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband? Although she may only do this with her bare hands. All sounds a bit strange to me!

Toad licking banned

Did you know that in California, it is illegal to lick toads in order to get high as some people were getting injured by the toads' poison. I have a question on this. The first person that ever licked a toad, exactly what was going through his head when he did it?

Beer making formula

Did you know that in Texas, the Encyclopaedia Britannica was banned as it gave people the formula for making beer! Err, I think they should also ban Google as I'm sure the formula for making all types of alcohol is on there too.

Children under 12 banned from phoning

Did you know that in Blue Earth, Minnesota, it is illegal for children under 12 years of age to speak on the telephone unless accompanied by one of their parents? But, what if they need to ring one of their parents who are both out of the house? Anyone thought of that one? :-)

Illegal to marry the same man 4 times

Did you know that in Kentucky, it is against the law for a woman to remarry the same man four times. Why would anyone in their right mind marry the same person 4 times? It failed the first 3 times, will the 4th be any different?

Kill 6 blackbirds before you marry me

Did you know that In Truro, Mississippi, before a man can get married, he must prove himself worthy by killing either 3 cows or 6 blackbirds! I would go for the cows personally, easier targets:-) I wonder if you could haggle with 2 cows and 3 blackbirds?

Children need a licence to play games

Did you know that In Tennessee, it is illegal for children to play games on a Sunday without a valid license? Is this license only required for video games or do you need one to play Monopoly and eye spy as well? And who knows if you're playing without a licence?

Soap stealers forced to use it

Did you know that in Mohave County, Arizona, if you are caught stealing soap from a shop, you must wash yourself with it until the soap has gone! A quick word of advice. If you are going to steel soap, make sure it's the liquid type, it's easier to use and you will definitely make a clean getaway afterwards:-)

Get dressed or die

Did you know that in St. Louis, Missouri, it is illegal for a fireman to rescue a woman wearing only a nightgown? In order for her to be rescued, she must be fully clothed! Does that included jewellery, nice matching shoes and handbag? Really!

Your horse is too ugly to ride

Did you know that in Wilbur, Washington, It's indeed illegal to ride a horse that is deemed to be ugly! And, what constitutes an ugly horse? Answers on a postcard please...

Permission needed to have a bath

Did you know that in Colorado, an old law states that you must have a doctor's prescription before you can have a bath! There must have been a long queue at the reception in those days. I wonder if you had to pay to see the doctor as well?

First 4 Firemen Get Paid

Did you know that in Zeigler, Illinois, only the first 4 fireman on scene will be paid? What a great incentive for a speedy service!

Swiss Bomb Shelters

Did you know that in Switzerland, every citizen is required by law to have a bomb shelter or at least have access to one? Do the Swiss realise what year it is?

Failed Surgery = No Hands!

Did you know that in Ancient Egypt, if a surgeon lost a patient whilst performing an operation on them, then the surgeons hands were cut off! What about the rest of the patients in need of medical attention? Did anyone think of them? Did they?

Posing Bears

Did you know that in Alaska, it is legal to shoot bears. But, if you wake a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph then that is strictly prohibited! Who makes these rules!

Duelling Blood Donors

Did you know that in Paraguay, duelling is in fact legal, providing both participants are official blood donors! Does the one that does not get hurt, provide the blood for the injured party? Do they have to be of the same blood type before they duel? Hummmm...

Camels Banned from the Cinema!

Did you know that in Baltimore USA, it is against the law to go to the cinema with a camel to watch a movie! Does that include drive in movies?

Sleep Driving

Did you know that in Tennessee, you are breaking the law if you drive your car whilst sleeping. I guess you might break your neck as well!

This reminds me of the case where a woman put her campervan on cruise control, went into the back to make a cup of tea and then the camper van crashed. She then successfully sued the manufacturer of the vehicle as the instructions never said that the van would not drive itself!

Too scruffy to drive

Did you know that in Athens, a driver can have their driving license taken away if the driver is deemed too scruffy or poorly dressed? I guess the fashion police do exist!

Feathered right of way

Did you know that in Utah, birds have the right of way on public highways! Do the birds know this? Have you ever stopped your car before to let a bird cross the road? Humm, these laws get stranger!

Criminal Birthday Offence

Did you know that in the country of Samoa, it is indeed a crime to forget your wife's Birthday!!! Not sure what the punishment is though! Any ideas what it could be?

Illegal Animal names

Did you know that in Australia, it is illegal to give an animal a name that you will eat at a later date!

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