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Published: Fri, 02 Feb 2018

Essential Elements Of Valid Contracts

According to Sir William Anson in his book Principal Of contract, he defines contract as legal binding agreement between two or more by which rights are acquired by one or more to act or perform any work on behave or part of other or others .It can be also defined as a mutual agreement between any two or more parties considering having legally enforceable effects. Agreement actually in above definitions means meeting of minds or agreeing together about same matter binding them within legal boundary.

An agreement or contract will be valid if below listed elements exists.

Offer and acceptance:

There must be two party, Offer given by one party and acceptance by another party. Then only it will be valid to be contract.

Intentions to create legal relations:

Both the parties must be ready to accept each other proposal and go through it legally without violating each other terms.

Legality of objects:

The object or thing which is under the contract or the object which is contracted must be legal or it must not be under disapproval category in terms of law.

Consent must be genuine:

While doing any contract there shouldn’t be any pressure or forcing to enter into contract. Sometimes even physical punishment threat is also given so these things must be avoided.


It is one of the fundamental elements for contract. It must be reasonable and legal. It actually means some kinds of benefit to promisor or detriment to the promise.

Capacity of the parties:

Before entering into any contract both the parties who are planning to do contract must have legal capacity to enter into contract.

Hence if above criteria is fulfilled then it can be termed as a valid contract otherwise it will be

Void contract:

It is destitute to a law that means it is not a contract and agreement done between any parties do not confer any legal rights. For example if A agrees to kill C with B, for some money then the contract done is void for it is illegal.

Voidable contract:

It is a type of contract which can be made void if any party wish, for example a contract which is done for fraud or bad intentions can be made avoided by deceiving the contract.

Unenforceable contract:

They are actually a valid contract but cannot be applied or put in force due to lack of evidence forms or norms required by law for example contract which don’t have any writing evidence are unenforceable at law.


Actually offer is made writing or by conduct or by orally for example if a man in soap buy can juice and hand to cashier, who then accepts a customer offer to buy. It is made to a definite person or group of people and acceptance is made according to it. Since holiday booking has been advertise in an internet by le nostre and definitely replay will be there by different modes or way. Some of them are listed below.

Acceptance by post: it can be said that it is complete when acceptance is sent.

Instantaneous mode: it is said to be to be completed when acceptance is received by the offeror and offer is made in the instant where the acceptance is received.

Since purchaser is required to made acceptance by clicking on icons it is done by clicking on icons and acceptance is done by verifying conformations of acceptance sheet or receipt by offeror.


Contract is actually an agreement done intending to have legal effects. Though agreement is always intended to have positive effect but it is not always applicable. Since many kinds of domestic or social agreements are not contract but some of them create legal obligations.

Commercial and business agreement is done by parties limiting them in a legal parameter and in any case if issue need to be shorted out legally then all the evidence written or oral must be presented in a court to prove its existence. In business and commercial contract law will believe or presume to that both the parties are agreeing to enter into contract that has legal effect.

Consideration is one of most important element of any kind of contract. It actually can be defined as some benefits and right to a one party and some penalty, forbidden or loss suffered by other. Hence it can be clarify as profit or advantages to promisor and determinant to promisee, which is sufficient in law to promise. So some of the general rule related to considerations are.

It must be genuine

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