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Offer and Acceptance Analysis
20th Dec 2019
Introduction: A ‘Construction contract’ is a legal agreement between two or more parties, based on the universal principles of contract law. It is ......

Conditions for Liquidated Damages
20th Dec 2019
Introduction: Definition Liquidated damages are damages which are decided among the signatories of the contract during the formation phase. They mention the ......

Are the Claimants Owed Duty of Care
27th Nov 2019
Introduction: As the three potential cases refer to the breach of duty of care it would appear important to firstly decide if the claimants were in fact owed ......

Common Law Rule in Rylands vs Fletcher
14th Oct 2019
Introduction: The man in the street might legitimately expect the Common law to have developed a means by which persons who suffer personal injury or damage to ......

In Order to Convict a Company
14th Oct 2019
Introduction: a) Crimes comprise of two basic elements: the guilty act (actus reus) and a guilty mind (Mens rea). Actus reus refers to the physical elements ......

Legal Issues In Relation To The Contract
14th Oct 2019
Introduction: ‘Crooked, Shifty & Dodgy’ have just been offered a contract to act as accountants to ‘Build ‘n’ Go’. It is essential to write a report ......

Offers and Invitation to Treat
14th Oct 2019
Introduction: INTRODUCTION As a basic human activity interchange goods and services between human, have been continued trough human being. The basic of trade ......

A Breach of a Contract Occurs
11th Oct 2019
Introduction: With regards to remedies there are many different types of remedies, but the main one being Damages. The purpose of damages is to put the claimant ......

Principle of Awarding Damages to a Party
11th Oct 2019
Introduction: Damages are a financial remedy which aims to compensate the injured party for the consequences of a breach in the contract they were in. In ......

Interrelationship between Contract and Tort Law
11th Oct 2019
Introduction: In The Cases Of The Wagon Mound And Hadley V Baxendale, How Did Their Outcome Affect The Law On Remoteness And Create An Interrelationship Between Contract Law And Tort Law...

Whether a Valid Offer has been Communicated
10th Oct 2019
Introduction: The first issue to consider is whether a valid offer has been communicated from Amelia to Zac. Though it is Zac who specifies the amount ......

Agreement May Not Be Necessary
10th Oct 2019
Introduction: Every contract is an agreement but agreement may not necessary to be considered as contracts if the agreement does not made in lawful way. A ......