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Islamic Law

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Women Rights In Saudi Arabia

Women rights around the world suffer from many disadvantages such as discrimination, lack of business experience and limited access to financing, the challenges for women may be more severe in Islamic countries

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Research Will Be Defining The Concept Of Sharia Law

Introduction: Criminal law is a crucial area in all legal systems that is applied in punishing wrongs with the element of deterrence by the State. ...

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Equity Related Islamic Banking Products Law Essays

According to John B Taylor a growth in product innovation, an increase in the number of financial institutions offering Islamic finance products, and an expansion of Islamic banking beyond the Islamic countries to the UK, Switzerland, the United States, and elsewhere is not a myth.

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Customs Is Important Source Of Law

Because of the working women belonging to the lower strata of the society, the various castes and tribes had relatively more woman oriented inheritance laws as opposed to the higher castes where women mostly just maintained the household.

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Significance Of Islamic Banking Law Essays

Islamic banking is gaining popularity in emerging markets after helping some financial institutions avoid the worst of the economic meltdown. | Law Teacher

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About Fatwa Law Essay

Fatwa is veryimportant in Islamic law and Islamic jurisdiction.

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