How long does it take to find a writer? When will my delivery date be confirmed?

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

Before we can confirm your delivery date, we must first find a suitable writer to work on your order - this process usually takes no more than 24-48 hours but can sometimes be much quicker. Please note that until a writer has been found and a minimum of 50% of the order’s cost has been paid for, we cannot begin work on your order. Your delivery period only begins once both of these things have been done. Once we have located a suitable writer and chosen them to complete your order, we’ll assign the order to them. At this point, we’ll confirm your delivery date via message, and from this point onwards, the delivery date is guaranteed.

Orders are typically assigned to the writers in the evening (between 7 and 9pm UK time). We do this late in the day to ensure that we give all of our writers a chance to come forward for the pieces of work they are most interested in, meaning we can then select the best writer for your specific order. This does not affect your overall delivery date.

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