How do I use the work I receive?

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

Making sure you use your order correctly from LawTeacher is the key to achieving academic success. The key thing to remember is to make sure you don't submit the work directly. This includes copying and pasting sections, or just changing small parts of the work.

The work we produce for you is a perfect example answer, designed to help you complete your own piece of work, in your own words. Taking this step is the only way to properly learn and apply the information we give you, and use it to your advantage. You should take the work we have produced - including the references if you like - and absorb the information and make sure you fully understand everything being explained. We strongly recommend going back to each source and reading them in full, to gain a deeper understanding of your topic. 

For further information on how to use our service correctly, please view our fair use policy.

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