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The Terrorism Act

In this essay I will explore the provisions introduced by the Terrorism Act 2006 and assess whether these pose risks which may overshadow any security benefit. As the main critiques of this legislation focus on the section

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What Is Terrorism

What is Terrorism? How should we define it? Despite the vast publicity, the subject has seldom received sensible answers.

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Anti Terrorism Law

What is Terrorism? How should we define it? Though it is a trifling question and we might be under an impression that we have a clear picture but it is not so, to say the least.

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Terrorism And Human Right

Terrorism and human rights are inter-related to each other because when one starts other violates. Terrorism is a global concern today and in true sense it has relation with the almighty.

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Issue Of Terrorism

The issue of terrorism is one of the main concerns in the recent world. September 11/2001 attack in the twin tower of USA, bombing in Madrid and London bombing has raised a serious concern in this matter.

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Anti Terrorism Laws

It was the 26th day of November in the anno domini year 2008. The whole city of Mumbai was yelling out for help when a part of it was blazing after the severe terror attacks and the holler of the victims were far

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Torture As A Jus Cogens Norm

If ever a phenomenon was outlawed unreservedly and unequivocally it is torture”; a statement that should have no trouble gaining wide support on an international plain.

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Torture Essay Plan

Should the absolute legal ban on torture be protected and respected in the face of utilitarian arguments that torture, under certain conditions, may be employed particularly in ticking bomb scenarios

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