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Transportation Law

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Seaworthiness In Shipping And Carriage

In almost all shipping and carriage of goods by sea cases the issue of seaworthiness is considered the corner stone in these cases. It importance comes from the fact of its direct relation with both the commercial law and maritime law. Seaworthiness affects the liability of the carrier, the marine insurance, the environment and many issues related to carriage of goods by sea.

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Transportation To New York

On 1st June 2009 Cortez Ltd entered into an agreement to sell 6,000 tons of grain to Farm Supplies Ltd FOB Southampton for transportation to New York.

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Remoteness Of Damage

We have already looked at causation, and the relevant factors, such as intervening acts and multiple causes. We said then that remoteness of damage came into those situations.

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Refuge For Ships In Distress

The right of ships in distress to seek refuge in ports has been long recognized in customary international law.

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Parking In Coventry

Coventry City Council owns all the car parks in Coventry City. Car Parking in Coventry nowadays is managed by Cv One in partnership with Coventry City Council.

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Sea Transportation Was Considered To Be Objective In Past

Abstract: The word danger in sea transportation was considered to be objective in past, but today its more specific, surrounding all who are ...

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Bus Service Industry In Britain

The bus industry in Britain was regulated by Road Traffic Act 1930 after a rapid growth in the 1920s.

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The Maritime Transport Was Developed Law Essays

In the context of worldwide economics, since second half of the previous century, oil has played a extremely important role in the development and ...

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