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Arbitration Law

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Arbitration A Technique Used To Solve Disputes Outside The Courts

Types Arbitration A technique used to solve disputes outside the courts, in which a third party reviews the case and imposes a decision. Its oft...

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Alternative Disputes Resolution

Besides than court system, there are other ways for people to solve their disputes. Due to the inefficiency of the court system, 2 main alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and arbitration are to be introduced.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has several definitions. According to Gramberge...

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Comparative Analysis In Jusrisdiction

The New York Convention makes available certain guidelines regarding enforcement of arbitral awards

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Public Policy In International Arbitrations

Public policy can be generally defined as an attempt by the government to address a public issue.

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Goals Of Arbitration

The Goals Of Arbitration As A Means Of Dispute Resolution And Application Of Public Policy

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Commercial Arbitration

Arbitration Post 1996 Arbitration Act:

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Disqualification Of Arbitrators

What are the tests applied by the English Courts for the disqualification of arbitrators for lack of independence and impartiality? Compare with other legal systems and assess whether these are in harmony

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Litigation Arbitration Law

Classically, the litigation case is seen as the definitive model of the law in action. Party X suspects that party Y has violated the terms of their commercial agreement.

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Enforcement Of International Arbitral Awards

While arbitration can resolve various kinds of disputes it hardly can be more important to any other form dispute resolution other than commercial dispute resolution; especially in a further globalised world

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The world has come to experience many changes in the way legal systems are evolving.

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Johnson Arbitration

A bilateral investment treaty, as its name suggests, is a treaty concluded between two countries hoping to encourage reciprocal private investment.

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