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Evolution Of The Doctrine Law Essays

Corporate Law-I Project Abhijnan Jha Contents 2 Table of Cases 3 Introduction 4 Part I: The Turquand decision 5 Part II: Evolution of the Doctrine ...

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Explain The Corporate Principle Law Essays

Companies which are registered under the Companies Act are deemed to have legal personality. They are treated as ‘legal persons’ with full

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In The United Kingdom Law Essays

The articles of a company may regulate, inter alia, the division of powers between the shareholders and the board of directors, and the composition...

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Introduction 11 What Is Corporate Law Essays

Corporate governance is a phrase that refers generally to the regulations, practices, or by law which companies are functioned, controlled, and ...

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Defining And Analysing The Various Business Models

1.    Sole Proprietorship: enterprise that is owned and controlled by one person and where there is no legal distinction between the proprietor ...

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Firm That Deal With Manufacturing Of Aluminium

Frodd Sdn Bhd is a firm that deal with the manufacturing of aluminium. Last week, Frodd went into insolvency liquidation. Study shows that it has b...

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Lifting The Veil Separation Of The Personality

Lifting the veil refers to the situations where the judiciary or the legislature has decided that the separation of the personality of the co...

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Personal Liability On Sham Companies Law Essays

The stakeholder interests are better represented in the presence of insolvency, company and employment law. The board of governance consist...

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Defining And Analysing The Concept Of Corporate Governance

There are few definitions for corporate governance. For example, according to Cadbury Report, 1992, corporate governance is the system which compan...

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Malaysian Company Law

To what extent does, and to what extent should, Malaysian company law allow the lifting of the corporate veil between a parent company and its subsidiaries?

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A Trademark Is A Distinctive Design

A trademark is a distinctive design, sign, picture, logo, emblem or wording affixed to a particular good for sale to identify the manufacturer as t...

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Trading Company

A trading company has implied power to borrow, however,

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Consumer Protection

Consumer protection. The consumer's first safeguard must always be an alert and questioning attitude. Molony Committee on Consumer Protection(1962, Cmnd 1781,HMSO). It could be argued that despite the reforms of the Law through statutory provision designed to protect the Consumer...

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Limited Company Shareholding

With regard to this scenario we advise that you must consider the following: Firstly, A limited company is usually regarded as more credible and reliable firm than a sole trader or partnership.

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Limited Liability Partnership Llp Law Essays

By virtue of Section 1(2) of the LLP Act 2000, once a Limited Liability Partnership has been incorporated, it becomes a body corporate, with a separate legal personality from its members and it has its own rights and liabilities separate from that of its members

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Understanding The Evolution Of Intellectual Property Law

A Critical Analysis of Trade Mark Infringement under section 10(2) This is the question that runs throughout this research. But, in or...

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